Robert James

Robert James

from Methuen, MA, United States

Foaming at the Mouth #RPM2017 (2017)

12 tracks by Robert James

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My 2017 RPM Challenge album. I finished with 90 minutes to spare. Started on 2/1/17, finished on 2/28/17. Lots of pissing and moaning, as if that could ever change anything.


2016 50/90 (2016)

7 tracks by Robert James

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50/90 again. I don't think I'll reach 50 songs, but I might get a few done.


Flat Earth Songs (2016)

10 tracks by Robert James

Flat earth songs cover large

My 2016 RPM Challenge submission.


Flat Earth Outtakes (2016)

8 tracks by Robert James

Flat earth cover inverted large

Songs written for the 2016 RPM Challenge that did not make the final album.


Welcome to Methuen, Massachusetts (2015 RPM Challenge) (2015)

14 tracks by Robert James

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My entry for the 2015 RPM Challenge. Written and recorded between 2/2/15 and 2/27/15.


November Music (2014 NaSoAlMo) (2014)

10 tracks by Robert James

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I finished another NaSoAlMo. Here it is.


October Music (2014)

4 tracks by Robert James

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A failed album in a month project. Turned out to be sort of an ep in a month instead.


50/90 (2014)

50 tracks by Robert James

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50 songs written between 7/4/14 and 9/23/14


June Music (2014)

14 tracks by Robert James

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Songs written and recorded during June 2014.


April Music (2014)

11 tracks by Robert James

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Songs recorded during April and May 2014.


March Music (RPMarch) (2014)

10 tracks by Robert James

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Songs recorded during March and May (but not April) 2014.


Things and Stuff (2014)

13 tracks by Robert James

Things and stuff large

My submission for the 2014 RPM Challenge. Started on 2/1/14, finished on 2/27/14



Plop! (Revisited) (2014)

4 tracks by Robert James

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Back in 1994 or 1995 I was in a band that never came up with a name. We made a 24 track demo with four songs. These are those four songs, recorded in the 21st century by me using Garageband all by my lonesome. The name, Plop, comes from a bit of graffiti painted on our rehearsal room wall in Lowell, MA by some unknown, forgotten former tenant.


2013 NaSoAlMo (2013)

8 tracks by Robert James

Radio 2 large

My attempt at the 2013 NaSoAlMo. The album is supposed to be one suite in one file but I have added each piece as an individual file as well.