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Everyones Jealous


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Guitar and vocals. Kind of the opposite of last years ‘Honey, Why You Stay With Me’.

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Bethan Mathis said

"All the other women wish they would rate," So wonderful!

Guest said

NO, actually I can't tell which is the best. You are the one guy I can trust to cheer me up! What hilarious material. Thank you.

Guest said

:-D Another Moschell classic!!!!!!!!!!

Guest said

This is absolutely wonderful, hilarious and such a light relief from stresses.

Guest said

What hilarious lyrics! I haven't laughed so much for eons.

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OHHO said

I could see Louie Armstrong doing this one! Too bad he is dead. Good tune!

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tim mcfate said

i remember seeing that crazy picture you use of yourself when i first started the rpm thing and wondering what the hell you were up to. a poloroid gone bad. sure glad i continued to be curious

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Scenery said

Great song. Love the soulfulness

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Gumbo said

Randy Newman, eat your heart out!

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J dY Stamp said

Nice vocal! Lovely song!

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