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Kathy Got A New Tattoo


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Fun little tune about the evils of strong drink.

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World War Nine said

“She did? Why wasn’t I informed?” asked Jack Merlot to the two uniformed Minneapolis police officers. All three of them were on their bicycles. The officers had come up alongside Jack Merlot to remind him that there is No Bicycle Riding on Nicollet Mall Unless You Are an Officer of the Law, but they also stayed in momentum with Jack, as they struggled to answer his plaintive query. “Probably because you’re not that important.” said Officer Friendly. Jack turned left onto Washington Avenue & proceeded to find his way to Nordest, where at least there was a cold beer waiting for him.

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Bethan Mathis said

Oh Mark, it’s brilliant to hear these again. I have a huge smile on my face.

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Sister Savage said

Hahahahaha! Still genius. :)

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another cultural landslide said

LOL! Love this! w;-)

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Wildgeas Music said

Very Entertaining.

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kirklynch said

Hilarious! I had to wipe the tea off of my computer screen

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

BIG FAT GRIN! off the hook man. off the hook. was that a kazoo?

Guest said

Next to the “Barfight” this is the funniest thing I have ever heard. You are something else Dude.

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dj num izisoundsystem said

its 1920 man.. funny tune very nice num

Guest said

Never heard this before, what hilarious, clever lyrics. Brilliant.

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Gumbo said

thumbs up on the remixed vocal, moschell. I can fave this now!

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rob mills said

Excellent. Made me laugh. Always good. Not often you hear a dual kazoo break!

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Le Camouflage Disruptif said

Still makes me grin. Excellent song!

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kavin. said

Yes. This is the favorite. Great album man!

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