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new song, rough mix (no real title yet)
for Sound-In "Summoning Fall" event, 8/31/2018
17-edo tweaked improv for Sound-In
microtonal improv for Sound-In May 25-27, 2017 "Life in the Gaps"
simple nightcap improv for Sound-In 2/17-20/17
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new song, rough mix (no real title yet)
for ImprovFriday 5/10-12 2012 keyboard + field recording
remembering to remember
a Deerhoof "pre-cover" I made after they posted the sheet music prior to releasing the album in October 2008. Mine was purposely straight compared to some of the others that folks made but I thought I predicted the band's version pretty well…read more
for Shorties (NNM days, late '09); now part of 60x60 2010 Scarlet Mix
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Recent favorites

One of my favorite Monk tunes. Updated 04.06.2017
Lyrics : "just the other day I seen a picture within a picture read a story within a story a little bit of glory beyond the perimeter of the pages that I felt like saving just for you must have reminded me of something i seen in a dream…read more
More Rhythm & Hues - very sparse & very short.
For improvFriday event 3/13/15 prepared 12 string guitar
A mashup with Roger Sundström Guitar, Soundscapes, Mix Justin H Brierley (JHBXylo20150306) Bruce Hamilton (pattze) Jim Goodin (Acorn Not Far From the Tree) Shane W. Cadman (Piece030615) Paul H. Muller (Sonnigen Nachmittag) Steve Layton…
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Latest comments

new song, rough mix (no real title yet)
skiks/bruce hamilton said

Thanks, guys! Appreciate it a lot.

new song, rough mix (no real title yet)
Len Sasso said

Delightful piece and the parts all fit together nicely – maybe the first mix is best in this case ;).

new song, rough mix (no real title yet)
fudgetusk said

Love this! Great twinkly tune and heavenly vocals.

for Sound-In "Summoning Fall" event, 8/31/2018
Scott Horwath said

gorgeous / / wow !!

for Sound-In, 9/15-17 "E-flat"
JamesRaimondi said

Dramatic and suspenseful

skiks is eclectic.

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