219 tracks by skiks/bruce hamilton

new song, rough mix (no real title yet)
for Sound-In "Summoning Fall" event, 8/31/2018
17-edo tweaked improv for Sound-In
microtonal improv for Sound-In May 25-27, 2017 "Life in the Gaps"
simple nightcap improv for Sound-In 2/17-20/17
for Sound-In, 9/15-17 "E-flat"
improv in 16-edo for Sound-In, 9/2/16
polyrhythmic march fade in (for Sound-In, 8/19/16)
mashup of Paul Mimlitsch & Steve Moshier for Sound-In (Steve Moshier dedication)
mashup for Sound-In, May 28, 2016
improv thing, microtonal, for Sound-In
mashup for Sound-In 1/21-23/16 "Noise" event
noise thing for Sound-In 1/21-23/16
drone thing for ImprovFriday (@Sound-In) 1/15/16
arpegg/alt tuned improv for ImprovFriday 10/9/15
filtered chord drone thing for ImprovFriday 9/11/15
little improv for ImprovFriday 8/28/15 (@ sound-in.org)
mashup for Sound-In 8/22 feat. Paul Muller, Paul Mimlitsch and Roger Sundstrom
pentatonic (and then diatonic) improv for Sound-In 8/7/15
little acousmatic guitar-based etude (for Sound-In) [new version posted 7/26]
mixed tuning improv for Sound-In 7/9-11, 2015
mashup for Sound-In 5/14-16/15 "contrast"
for Sound-In, 3/20/15
pattern madness hypnosis thing for Sound-In, 3/6/15 ("beats/percussion" theme)
microtonal improv for Sound-In, 1/30/2015
mashup of Shane Cadman & Jeff Fairbanks for Sound-In, 1/23/15
drony-improv Max-DP thing for Sound-In-12-18-20-14
for Sound-In 12/11-13/14 quiet harmonic series improv
drone improv for Sound-In 11/7/14
Sound-In mashup for 10/25/14 featuring Kavin Allenson (Breaking Light) and Steve Moshier.
mash for Sound-In 10/10/14 Steve Layton, Kavin Allenson, Paul Mimliitsch, Shane Cadman, Roger Sundström (mix+ Bruce Hamilton)
transposed harmonic series improv for Sound-In 9/25-27/14
improv-based duo thing with snap circuits (Miles) and a toy melodica (me)
short xenharmonic fanfare around F
tweaked microtonal improv for Sound-In
meditation loop/soundscape
for Sound-In, June 26-28, 2014 remix of Paul Muller feat. Benjamin Smith
for Sound-In Solstice 2014
for Sound-In 6/13/14
micro-arpegg + for Sound-In May 30/14
improv for Sound-In May 23, 2014
improv for Sound-In, 5/15-17/14
comprov in 10edo for Sound-In 4/25/14
improv for Sound-In 4/17-19/14
little vox-based key-improv for sound-in 1/30-2/1
mashup of Jeff Fairbanks, Paul Mimlitsch, Steve Moshier and Roger Sundstrom for Sound-In 11/15/13.
for Sound-In 11/8, 2013
thing for Sound-In, Halloween 2013
improv for Sound-In 10/24-26/13
xenharmonic arpegg impro for sound-in 10/10-12/13
a volatile vamp for Sound-In 9/12-14
ambient improv (in 12edo) for Sound-In 9/12-14, 2013
sculpted improv in mixed intonations for Sound-In 8/15-17/2013.
pno improv w/processing for Sound-In 7/26/13
brief arpeg impro for Sound-In 7/5/13
improv variations for Sound-In solstice 2013
mashup for Sound-In 6/13-15
mashup for Sound-In 6/7/13
meditation of sorts
for Sound-In 5/23/13
improv based variation for Sound-In 5/17/13
for sound-in 5/2-4
little mash of Kavin A & Paul M for Sound-In 4/12/13
rough mix (midi) of new work for piano, vibes & computer
free experimental mashup of various versions of Porcupine comma experiments by Mike Battaglia (he rendered a chord progression in slightly different tunings)
comprovisation for sound-in 1/18/13
piano improv for solstice/doomsday (one hand on xen piano, one on 12tet) + processing
wood carving, jangled, broad strokes
filtatron/mugician fun for Sound-In 10/26-12 Halloween event
mixed intonation keyboard improv for Sound-In 10/5/12
drony improv layers for Sound-In 9/27/12
I suppose another bit from the someday-to-be-released "indie" album...
time passes another small song for the equinox improvised for Sound-In (formerly ImprovFriday) 9/21/12
simple and diatonic improv for Sound-In (formerly ImprovFriday); could turn into a song.
Improv for IF 8/9-11. Calming myself down.
someone walking in my room for ImprovFriday "loopy" event
gtr loops for IF "loopy" theme
electronic collab with my 5-yr old son
this is a thing
7/3/12 fireworks from WIM
some meantone-based chords processed live with max + arranged into a little piece
sketch for some sections of a pno/perc + elec piece I'm working on.
strange loop
remembering to remember
for ImprovFriday 5/10-12 2012 keyboard + field recording
day 6 of Shorties (on FB) one-a-day may 2012 arpegg fun
a shorty (or maybe an intro); kind of electro-something.
xenharmonic keyboard improv
ImprovFriday holiday edition mash with two Kavin Allenson tracks mixed into a psychedelic stew.
you know, sleighbell
for ImprovFriday 12/15-17/2011 improv in 11tet, then mixed with 10tet, then spectrally tweaked
recomposition of Steve Moshier's "The Land, the Crow, the Wind"
re(mix)compositon + improv jam with chris vaisvil's "mixed" piece posted on the xenharmonic FB group. mixed tunings, mixed messages; a potpourri.
mash for ImprovFriday Halloween 2011 feat. Steve Layton & Ben Smith
simple improv on a complex creature
mash for ImprovFriday
the last track from "compulse" - out fall 2011 on the split-notes netlabel. xenharmonic ritual-dance music.
possibly finished opening track from upcoming Skiks release on the split-notes label.
more 10edo madness; actually I think it makes sense as it goes along. kind of maximal-minimal with motives.
mellow looping phrases for ImprovFriday ("science") 9/9-10/11
short drone piece for ImprovFriday APOD theme challenge (scoring an astronomy pic)
ImprovFriday mash, 9/3 (feat. Vaisvil & Goodin) something to do with the blues and the mystery. be patient with it...
little ditty that might become part of something else. major thirds vs. minor 3rds.
noisy step-seq improv for ImprovFriday 9/1-3/11
quick ImprovFriday mash featuring Kavin Allenson, Roger Sundstrom & Chris Vaisvil
another strange track from a strange album project in the works (updated 8/20)
mashup for ImprovFriday 7/22/11 feat. Kavin Allenson, Jeff Fairbanks and Norbert Oldani
new track for an upcoming xenharmonic/microtonal "pop" album
moody improv + sculpting
some gtr "playing" + drones & feedback
a little something xenharmonic and sort of groovy and dark. 7/3/2011
mashup/remix/comp of Paul Muller, Jim Goodin and Peter Thorn for ImprovFriday 7/1/11
stacked/mixed arpegg improv
zither improv w/tweaks; april 2011
apregg fun for ImprovFriday ("E"theme - 5/19-21/11)
having a little fun with props to Cage/Reich/Lucier
improvisation 3/13/11
post-minimalist w/overlapping ostinati & mixed intonation
for ImprovFriday Japan benefit event, 3/17-19, 2011 (and as I post here tonight, fitting the moon's ascent).
something (for ImprovFriday 2/24-26/11)
a mashup of some tracks recently posted on Facebook by Steve Moshier (Los Angeles), Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (Finland) and Jeff Fairbanks (Baltimore)
relentless robot improv
mashup from ImprovFriday 2/10-12/2010 (feat. Jim Goodin, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Steve Moshier)
for ImprovFriday 2/10-12 2011 ambient impro+tweaks
tweaked improv in JI + 12tET for IF 2/5/11
live @ minifest, november 2010 BH: v-drum, Karl: udu
xenharmonic fanfare
short intro-like track; wide counterpoint.
for the 1/18/11 Shorties event "shaken, shakin"
sci-fi kook-groove with microtonal elements?
this and that
mood loop +
xenharmonic strings vocoded w/field recording + keyboard improv in JI
for shorties 12/14/10 "rocks and sliders" FB event
1/1/11; took bits from two of Mark's tracks from Pleasure Listening (2002) and improvised in Max with them, then mixed in DP. a mellow vibe for the new year.
"botpat"- when blowbots run amok for the "blowhards" event at shorties on FB 1/4/11
the silent moon watches us amble through the hoops. improv + soundscapes + tweaks for ImprovFriday. http://improvfriday.ning.com
lil' loop for some positive energy
another track from "duopoly", a recently released album of duos on spectropol records. http://spectropolrecords.bandcamp.com/
VOIP (dance for the solstice you fucking plastic robots)
shard hopping...or hard shopping? either way, this little remix-expansion of Kavin's "shards" is one of 21 "duos" on an album I'm releasing next week @ bandcamp.
made this for the recent indaba contest; kept mine true to Reich in some ways but put some new spins on it. my main rule was to use only the orig for sound sources.
sort of a mashup, with processed field recordings, detuned keyboard jam & guitar looping
max/msp improv + tweaks; semi-hypnotic
improv-based miniature combining 72t-ET w/12t-ET and electronic percussion
step sequencer improv (minimalist) from 2005
loose xenharmonic blues keyboard improv on a modified arabic scale
a little improv-based piece w/soundscape
a noisy piece that's a few years old.
ImprovFriday mashup feat. Steve Layton, Paul Muller, & Ken Palmer. 10/29/10
an IF tweaked-improv piece from 5/10. some non-western & xenharmonic elements
drony guitar + max/msp
short improv (jan/10) with source material from another track in progress.
from late '09 one-a-day challenge @ shorties group @ net new music
live @ Baltic Room, Seattle, 2006.
singing & stuff; somewhat spectral/drone
ImprovFriday mashup (10/8/10) feat. Kavin Allenson, J-P Kervinen, Norbert Oldani, Ben Smith & Roger Sundstrom.
Norbert Oldani & Roger Sundstrom round out the soundscape against my quasi-just intonation singing and quirky rhythm section electronica.
xenharmonic ambient improv
a reverie that uses Steve Moshier's "last legs"
a Deerhoof "pre-cover" I made after they posted the sheet music prior to releasing the album in October 2008. Mine was purposely straight compared to some of the others that folks made but I thought I predicted the band's version pretty well…read more
for Shorties (NNM days, late '09); now part of 60x60 2010 Scarlet Mix
oldie from 2003, enhanced & boosted up a bit
spectro-minimalist remix/re-comp of Paul Muller's post-minimalist Light Rain.