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Inspired by the David Brooks book "Bobos in Paradise" and an article I read on the so-called "Prosperity Gospel", which is one of the weirder religious movements I've heard of.
hahahahahahahahahah the return of the inimitable is inevitable
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i really cannot go into the story behind this song. enjoy. i did.
almost there.
rehab wouldnt take me, so while waiting for something else, i fixed this one up some more. it must be done now. have a great march everyone HWS
This is the soundtrack to an animation collaboration of the same name... Watch the video!!
This is about where the f*ck does a song come from?? I don't know, and I can barely hang on.. Recorded with the Boss Micro BR with one take tracks and bounced until there was nothing left in the poor girl.
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a goulash of IAA vs C8ME pink stuff on the moon con dick soakin = a lot to listen to.
Guest said


Al's left hand said

I want to write an arrangement of this for the choir at my church. Are those diminished chords near the end?

how bout that police state?
CMOR said

Wow, this is like TRON armageddon…

i wrote this today. follow along?
CMOR said

Fun! The folks on Wall St. would fall on their face if they could understand this tune… Spectacular!!

this piece was inspired by forum posts about halloween. oh and hey, its freakin awesome and creepy as hell.
Breaking Light said

The sound of blood dripping from that old ghost story we used to tell each other. eeeek!

MotherFkkking Hot Wheels Spaulding, makes ambient-l;ke micro-roc songs with an accoustic guitar and the free program, Audacity. the tuning and key are unknown for all my arrangements. many songs are in fact living meditations.

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