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Silent Love Songs

Wildgeas Music

Uploaded .

Uploaded once and deleted.
This is a second take on guitar and vocals.
The first in a new process of mixing down.

It’s about a soldier. The first person that came to my mind

when I thought, who would be singing a “Silent Love Song”


set my sights high on the desert sand
another nite goes by I gotta ‘trol this land
take my spot high out on a desert hill
I think about my home
I’m not alone
singing silent love songs

Time goes on, now I’ve only days
most all my friends have gone away
it’s almost time, a short sided guy
I know I’m going home
I’m not alone
singing silent love songs

(c)2009 Paul Lennon

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Vestigial Remorse said

This song is awesome! It has that nice mellow feel that just makes me want to sit here and drink a beer while basking in it (which is what I'm currently doing) :)

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Lena & Irina Panfilova said

very good song,we like that one!

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making that geetar speak....

Guest said

Man, I'm really lovin' your cool cowboy stylie.

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kirklynch said

Nice one Paul!

Guest said

Wonderful, moody piece.

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