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I Cant Handle Love

Wildgeas Music

Your ole’ Uncle Paul is still kickin’ it.

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World War Nine said

Yes, he appears to be Kickin’ It to You, Live; which is hardly surprising given that everybody thought /u/jpt_io was in a hidden underground safe house.

Johnny Stone said

Great drums dig it

kirklynch said

Cool! Only a minute and I’m liking this. Good to see you around again. Hope you’re well

Greg Connor said

GREAT to see you “Kickin’ It”. Put a little ZIP in my ZIPidy doda

Cave Street said

Uncle Paul is still kickin’ it.

I was beginning to wonder! :-)

Good to hear you. Reminds me of Blue Ă–yster Cult’s Revolution by Night period. Thant’s damn good stuff Geas.

Rock on.

Colleen Dillon said

Love it! Great to hear your “kickin it”!!!!

Bethan Mathis said

I’m a sucker for that cow bell! Great to see/hear you geas!

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