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The wonderful acapella is provided by BabyGee. Lyrics: "If only the blood would dry As quickly as this ink I’d heal the scars inside With every word I bleed And if you ask where we went wrong I couldn’t tell you I couldn’t say Cause…read more
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It's a thang
southern wind
aurai - breezes... nymphes of the soft air
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fudgetusk said

Subtle as the wind blowing on a leaf on a tree in an oasis in France’s only desert. DARIO ARGENTO LOVES IT!

fudgetusk said

A vision of the future. Rollerskating Zombie Nazis and….him.

fudgetusk said


Guest said


fudgetusk said

LIke a nice cold shower on a hot day…after your girlfriend left you.

As far as i can remember i’ve wanted to make music. Unfortunately my musical talent isn’t so great. I have bad singing voice (for example it’s nearly impossible for me to maintain the pitch, when i sing), so lots of my material is instrumental.

Late 70’s i made experiments with my electric guitar. They were inspired by Robert Fripp and Fred Frith. Later on i did a little c languange programming with a computer aiming to make some music or sounds at least but the devopment of computer music (soundcards and so on) gave me the thing i was always wanted: the unlimited power in music creation.

One of the main goals in making my music has always been creating generative music or algorithmic music or music from fractals and so on.

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