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The Other Side


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I used quite a few layers of guitar as you might hear in this song, I even used my little Höhner with nylon strings to play base ! LOL… I also used my Ibanez 6 string and my more than beloved Yamaha 12 string, all three are acoustic guitars. I created this song a couple of days ago, melody and lyrics, so yesterday I ended up recording all the tracks and I just finished the final mixing ! The lyrics are based on things happening in my life right now… I hope you like it ! Kind regards, Anna

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funkomatt said

Nice melody

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James Michael Taylor said

Love the wall of sound. You do such lush arrangements. Sort of a Pink Floyd/Righteous Brothers thing.

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MemphisMaiden said

Thank you Lux lucis ! I made this song to distract myself before my open heart surgery, I was very scared, it helped me cope and yes, as you see, I made it to the other side :-)

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lux lucis said

Wow. I love this.

Guest said

lovely song, well put together, wonderful lyrics

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Johnny Stone said

Great sound like it

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