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first my apologies to J. Pachabell second, my very best wishes to all my AT friends who make sharing music here so wonderful,, hope your holiday season is most wonderful and filled with love, peace to us all r
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EDIT 2017-09-02: MIDI guitars and drums were replaced with real instruments. Lyrics, Vocal Melody: Kim Noble Electric Guitars: Uli Lang Acoustic Guitars: James Fraser Bass: Jean Lui Toudou Drums: Nick Anderson Original Music & Production…
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Been busy revising....but hey!! i passed..... JUST LIKE THE 70’S Everybody knows that the 70‘s rocked man That rock stars where made of gold  Everybody knows everyone was plugged in the music played with everyones soul Everyone knows everything…
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It's that time of year again. I like all the seasons, and Fall is definitely in the top 4!

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HEAR MY FINAL SONG Most were drinkin', four were playin' cards Two were dancin', one he played guitar He was singin' how she broke his heart Some were smokin', smoke rings filled the air One was flirtin', playin' with her hair He was…
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I am in the process of writing a setting for Mass (Roman Catholic). This is the HOLY HOLY HOLY. It was written and recorded on guitar (key of C, capo 5th fret, plaing G). At some point I should arrange it for piano or organ so that it can be performed…
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Graveyard BioSun, Don't worry I'm not trying to be politically correct.
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well it is. Isn't it? Truth Is Such A Slut stained sheets on a hotels bed bloodstains left from the living dead ash from a smoked cigarette burns the soul from the tangled head the sailor fills his pockets with earth trying to get that…
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This song is meant to be the intro, set the stage, and talk about the direction of the album. The riff came to me while I was absent-mindedly noodling on my gtr in front of the idiot box one day. I knew at that point I had an album opener of a…

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Brett Warren said

Takes about a minute to get going, but I love the evolution of the various sounds. It's all fragile-y glued together but works. Kinda sounds it could be on a Sim City soundtrack.

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AMUC said

This is beautiful. The production is absolutely flawless. It kind of has a David Arkenstone sort of vibe to it.

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The Rose Serum Sextet said

Thanks, Colleen. This might be a hint of what we do for RPM. Or, then again, maybe not.

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Colleen Dillon said

This is on the magnificent side of heaven! Truly lovely

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Brett Warren said

Cool song, the reverb sounds like the music is being forced through a small opening into a long, cavernous hallway... or something. It's an odd sensation.

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Founded in 1986, The Rose Serum Sextet signed with Broken City Records in 1993 and have been recording ever since.

Members include: -Thomas Horvat: Bass and Vocals -Camel: Guitar and Vocals -Bill: Drums -Rat: Brass -Sabd: Keyboards and Vocals -Mauve: Percussion and Vocals

“We compose music inspired by literature, handcraft aural sculptures from the ephemera of life and play a few catchy ditties. Enjoy.”

The visual components of our music can be found at:

Our website is:

And, of course, you can find us on Facebook:!/TheRoseSerumSextet

from The Broken City, United States

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