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HEAR MY FINAL SONG (Conner, Krell, Imsdahl, Mann)

Gene Eric Mann


Most were drinkin’, four were playin’ cards
Two were dancin’, one he played guitar
He was singin’ how she broke his heart

Some were smokin’, smoke rings filled the air
One was flirtin’, playin’ with her hair
He was wond'rin’, “Could she ever care?”

One was prayin’, “God, just tell me why!”
One was yellin’, “Let’s just all get high!”
One was whisp'rin’, “I just want to die!”

She was askin’, “What are we about?”
Him requestin’, “Let’s hear ‘Twist and Shout’”
I was dreamin’, “Must be some way out”

You’ve been thinkin’, “Where did I go wrong?”
One’s been thinkin’, “I’ve been here too long”
While I’m writin’, “Hear My Final Song”

Lyrics & music by Greg Connor & Gene Eric Mann
Performed by Greg Connor (rhythm guitar, bass & vocals), Stephen L. Krell (slide guitar), & Mark Imsdahl (harmonica).

“My idea for the song was, what if life was a bar, and all 7.5 billion earthlings were group into just a handful of characters that could fit into a bar – what is everyone doing? What are they thinking?” ~ Gene Eric Mann

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Latest Comments

The Rose Serum Sextet said

Your song lives on.

Guest said

Miss you dad :‘(

Greg Connor said

Sad and sweet memories, Gene Eric Mann’s last song.

Gene Eric Mann ( said on Jan 2, 2015

My idea for the song was, what if life was a bar, and all 7.5 billion earthlings were group into just a handful of characters that could fit into a bar – what is everyone doing? What are they thinking?

The Proods said

So utterly shocked and saddened by his passing. True feeling of loss for my brother in music.

Dirty Spirits said

words couldnt be better. nie performance.

launched said

Haven’t been on much lately, but so glad I caught this! A collaboration at its best right here - Love it!

These Metal Days said

Massive guitar sound

thetworegs said

Came to this late…..but better late than never …what a fab collab love the lyrics and the idea behind them Bravo to all involved … Great vocal Greg!!

Guest said

Just a great song, I love it more and more every time I listen……

Greg Connor said

Still Good.

Granger "Hefty" Strongside said

love the reverb on the harp.very neil youngy.

ffenglling said

Great!!Have a nice day!!

MemphisMaiden said

lovely sounding guitar, great vocals and a nice song

A Bit More Better Productions said

Lovely. Thoroughly enjoyed that

Guest said

This really is a great song, my favorite by far.

Greg Connor said

I just notice the comment made by Big Time Operator

“Harmonica makes everything better”

How true! That combined with Steve’s Slide … it’s like nirvana.

Greg Connor said

I stopped by for another listen.

Nice work guys!

Throwing Bones said

nice n smooth

jip said

nice rich guitar sounds here, nice laid back sound overall - cool.

Bent2Break said

Nice Johnny Cash feel! Love it! Keep up the good tunes! Thx for the kind words :-)

Sister Savage said

Fabulous premise - and a wonderful collaboration, guys.

Guest said

You definitely achieved your goal. What a cool premise.

Guest said

Harmonica makes everything better, nice job. Vocals are good too……

oldfolks2 said

About as good as it gets……….

James Michael Taylor said

To me, as a songwriter, I have come to the “conclusion” that what I might say to explain a song is functionally THE BRIDGE. Your explanation adds so much to the song maybe it’s bridge time.

Gene Eric Mann said

My idea for the song was, what if life was a bar, and all 7.5 billion earthlings were group into just a handful of characters that could fit into a bar – what is everyone doing? What are they thinking?

Guest said

Makes me want to hear more of the story.

Thanks for commenting on TRUCK. It’s something I wrote for DARK BLOOD, River Phoenix’s last movie. It plays while the nuclear explosion takes place.

Gene Eric Mann said

Give me goose bumps!

Ron said

Outstanding collaboration Gene…great tune!! have a happy new year and thanks for listening to my stuff!!

Guest said


Guest said

Damn that’s Good !!!

Guest said

posted a copy of this song Here:

Guest said

Great Guitar rythm and slide work. Vocals are awesome!! thanks for Sharing!

Guest said

Paul Siegmund turned me on to you…

Guest said

Thanks, Gene. It’s been a pleasure accompanying and listening to your music! I’ll always treasure our exchanges.

Greg Connor said

AND NOW THAT I’M LOGGED IN … . . It looks like I have accidently added a little humor as well.

Guest said

I got the speakers turned all the way up Gene!

We’ve been through a lot. Remember all the song writing challenges at EZFolk? I never thought I would have so many friends that I will never meet in person.

Your last song is something to be proud of. I was taken by the lyrics bouncing between acceptance and denial. Steve mentioned the chord changes. Mark talked about the weight of the message.

We were honored that you asked us for a little help.

Gene Eric Mann said

Greg, Steve, Mark:

I am so touched, so moved. This final mix down brought a tear to my eye and a chill to my bone. Y'all handle this song with great care and delicacy and made a marvelous bit of music. I’m right proud of all of you and my friendship with you. I’m very lucky to have had this chance to make this beautiful song with such beautiful souls with what days I’ve been graced with. Thank you all so very much!

Rick Koehl/Merry Bear/Justin Otter Guy/Gene Eric Mann

slkrell said

Well I don’t think this needs me but that’s not gonna stop me. Go Mark Ill meet you
on the track . Winner Rick !

Mamakato said

Good song, man! Like the atmosphere. Strong vocals.

Greg Connor said

It will be fun to hear when the other parts come in.

Merry Christmas Gene!

terrysongs said

If someone can do some Bodhran drum in the final mix it would add a lot. Rick’s songs always had the beat and place for one in them. Great job Greg. Great lyrics Mr. Mann

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