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Vocals by Greg Connor, lyrics by Connor and Merry Bear, music by Bear. And y'all thought the Hokey Pokey was what it was all about! This song is 4 dimensional – up/down, left/right, in/out, now/then. BIG THANKS to Greg Connor for fabulous vocals…
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Our twisted, Psychedelic Folk version of RAIN by the Beatles. Starry Nightmoth performs on the Yamaha E-313 KB, using it's "bag-pipe" setting. This 4:20-long song is best heard on headphones, with the lava and black lamps running, incense burning…
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MONOLOGUE I found a hole, it's in the wall And reaching up, I crawled inside And to the stars I gave a call To grant a better place to hide I cannot leave the hole I found The chapel for my dark despair I do not seek to hang around…
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DREAMING Inside the dream I'm drowning I struggle for the shore I'm swimming 'neath the surface I'm sinking ever more While Davy Jones is laughing And Neptune scoffs at me I'm swimming on with purpose I'm frantic to be free - The…
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Hi,I’m from China.I love music, drawing,learning foreign language etc. Please visit the site of my drawing pictures:http://cityff776.tumblr.com. Music:http://www.reverbnation.com/ffenglling

from Weifang, China

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