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Yeah, that's a mellotron cello sample. I knew you'd recognize it!
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More testing. An improv demo for the Breaking Light project for the RPM Challenge.
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ITS Just So Funny. wait till the middle, thats when it really takes off heh heh
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the most awesome thing ever recorded by anyone, anywhere, at anytime in the entire history of recorded things. It's true.
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Sudara does Pop. The vocals/piano are rough as heck, but better early than never. Amazing Drum love from Glu. Backup vox from Marlena Koppendorfer.

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now pick up the cookie. dip it in the milk. and eat it. now.
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this song was created after hearing some downtempo, that was so minimalistic that we said, 'that'd be a great track, with some synth, vocals, bass, and beat variation' and so "syncronicity was born" [right click on arrow and select 'save link…
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