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reaalllyyyyyy full of bee fart
Captain Beefheart inspired obliviously
ahhhh bouncy and boring!
take one sorry its soooooooooooooooo boring
i wrote this after a significant other argument
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like cheesecake.
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Improvisation is what I love, finding out about things (when there is a little time). I also post the video where I have used it in. Hedgehogs were here last year in our garden, and now they start coming back from hibernation. Uk, the hedgehog…read more
At a recent charity event held in my small town's train museum, I was admiring a massive brass train bell when the curator walked up to me. I commented that a bell would really rather be heard then seen, and he agreed. I offered to digitally record…read more
Lucy of the species Australopithecus looks into the distance of Awash Valley in what is now Ethiopia and feels the future of what can be. Performed in Charles Lucy's 0b5s tuning
Fisherman and the Siren by Lord Frederic Leighton This is a blues collaboration between The TwoRegs (vocals / lyrics) and Norm Harris (percussion) and…read more
Time for a little humor. I had my wisdom teeth pulled last year, and the pain was debilitating. When I got the right pain meds, I felt so much better that I wrote this song. Colin added his considerable vocal talents and his harmonica and brought…read more
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CMOR said

This wore down my patience and I finally turned it off… But you made me grin!

part of my epic poem! I wouldn't blame you if you don't want to listen, I sure as hell still don't know how to read poetry!
kavin. said

Oooo yes!

kurton said

Pretty uneasy feeling, like lumbering along in a dark tunnel. Nice timbre on the backing chorus too

Johnny Stone said

Nice sound mate.

this one i wrote for my baby. yea her. i wasn't listening to the headphones when i did the vocals because i had a headache hence.....
lgh said

love it!


A bassist who’s jammed with folks across the country from Hawaii to Georgia, Mud Octave feels the colors in music differently than most. He approaches his songs as though he were a child on top of monkey bars during a strong wind. Combining various musical styles and art forms, there isn’t a dimension in which he won’t tread. While working on further musical landscapes, Mud Octave is also in Albuqeurque Post-Alt-Core trio Simfonik Plague.

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