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Sudara does Pop. The vocals/piano are rough as heck, but better early than never.

Amazing Drum love from Glu. Backup vox from Marlena Koppendorfer.

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Jean-Luc Thomas said

This is a masterpiece of a song. setting aside some of the quality aspects, the writing is really special. If this was a little better produced(and even if not), i say this is worthy millions and millions of views and listens. Perfect songwriting sir =)

Guest said

Re-listening and loving this

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brandonenglemusic said

so cool! Love the reverb on the voices!!!

Guest said


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alloy said

Very nice arrangement and spot on for my mood with the current weather ;-)

Guest said

What a moving, beautiful collaboration! Lyrics, harmonies, instrumentation = brilliant!

Guest said

Great vocal sound and production/mix! Cheers Slap...

Guest said


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blunted said

hello sudara..briiliant sound..beutiful vocals...peace

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queg said

I like. Great harmonies.. Great drum programming.. reminds me a bit of EBTG.

Guest said

Ha! That is funny. Say hello for me ;)

Guest said

u are being played ina house party at bdo's. -d$oot

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another cultural landslide said

What an excellent tune & mix, especially the end piano! Outstanding...

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childhoodsend said

nice harmonies!!! helen

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Sudara said

Thanks davey! Marlena was in charge of her melody, I'll tell her you like it! And good 'ole glu is in charge of it rocking so hard. I can't wait to work on the next version of this guy (taking it down a half step and redoing the vocals)

Guest said

This rocks, Sudara! The "countermelody" is beautiful.

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glu said


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