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I found a hole, it’s in the wall
And reaching up, I crawled inside
And to the stars I gave a call
To grant a better place to hide

I cannot leave the hole I found
The chapel for my dark despair
I do not seek to hang around
But now I’m rooted in this lair

  • I hear some words to ease my fear
  • To lift my soul and end my rage
  • But for the time I linger here
  • The voice, it calls me from the stage

My days to be a part of life
Are drifting swiftly in the wind
Today I live with all this strife
But soon the hour will cease and end

– From here I know not where I go
– Perhaps a place within the dream
– Beyond this world I do not know
– I’m holding back a bitter scream

– From here I free my final breath
– And now I sign the final page
– Perchance to dream, I welcome death
– The time has come to leave this cage

10/16/2014 Merry Bear

Guest said

Almost made it to the wedding ceremony...nice

strummindude's avatar
strummindude said

Fine lyrics! Interesting mixing technique to have the lead vocals panned to the far right in some parts and then have the overdubbing add a contrasting stereo effect by being panned to the far left! I might steal that some time! ;)

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Very interesting commentary... And, thank you for listening to my song. I was at the stockade at Fort Ord in California and then sent to Leavenworth where I ended up at the prison farm running the egg factory.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Interesting lyrics complimenting a bouncing melody. It's a great way to portray frustration.

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Nice one

Guest said

the finality is nearly palpable. Eco's and shadows, beseech us all.

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