Tomorrow RPM 2018 (2018)

10 tracks by thetworegs

This is my 8th year of attempting to complete the challenge. This years was very rushed as i hadn't decided to really finish it till the last week. All songs were written and recorded in Febuary 2018. Thanks for listening and thanks for the collabs without them i wouldn't have finished this year.


Rpm track 1
Track 2
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thetworegs & the collaborators (2017)

9 tracks by thetworegs

My or our RPM 2017


A 1st mix
This is the start of an idea for the band, i googled three words to describe President Trump and the result gave me the idea for the lyrics not sure if it works or not but hey it's an idea..... Idea for Lumbering beast he’s gross and disturbing…read more
With Rat a tat ta t's drums from the other side ...Thanks Tod
Live in the Cellar...........
another for the RPM the seeker the psychic the depressed turn to to put there life back on track..... THE SEEKER so your the seeker, who can unfold the dreams can you tell me whats waiting out there in the foreseen can you see in to my minds…read more
One for the RPM... THAT WOMEN A E D I tell you this women she got no soul she gotta heart made of stone That makes her blood runs cold She’ll take a young man with all that love in his heart When she leaves him he’ll have nothing left…read more
I've taken up Kens Challenge to work on this backer with him.I hope no one is offended by this too much. Its just an opinion , i've tried to describe the conflict in American politics and the world to the new President Trumps and his attitudes…read more
Kari had this backer on the collaborations list on the other side and i couldn't resist giving it a go. Hope you enjoy Thanks for listening. IT WAS A MADNESS I met this women she said she was, the women of my dreams, full of lust cause…read more
Heres another from the collaboration list on the other-side another excellent backer by Kari Thanks for letting me play with it.... TRY TO LOVE ME why are you so scared of things that, you can not change Why do you spend your time worrying…read more

Blank (2016)

5 tracks by thetworegs

Reg re-counts how he stopped drinking with 49 snippets of songs...


For my contribution to the RPM this year i thought i'd tell a little story...... Blank Episode 1 For those of us who think it impossible to stop these full throttle hands. BLANK (STRANGE DAYS) Thetworegs The Blue sky in my dreams…read more
BLANK Episode 2 10.(II BELIEVE IN BELIEF) Thetworegs Finally the plane lands in Geneva safe and sound, My fears have not, they haven’t you know materialized at all, i’m still here , I have not been smothered by the Bulk who just sat quietly…read more
BLANK Episode 3 17.(I BEGAN TO FALL) Thetworegs This voice carried on lecturing me “You really have no idea do you” ‘The shit that you have put people close to you through’ “ all this crap you about i can stop if i want to, i’ve just got…read more
BLANK Episode 4 31.(A MAN LIKE ME) Thetworegs Thirty minutes or so had passed and fuck all had happened i was starting to think he’d given me a fucking placebo when the little Red light from the stereo, jumped and started flickering up…read more
43.(A PIANO RUMBLE) Thetworegs I carried on walking i must have walked for miles. Thinking, cursing him, persuading myself, to forget about him, the fucking no good, and carry on with a newer cleaner life and possibly put everything back to…read more

LOVE ME 2015 RPM (2015)

13 tracks by thetworegs



the jury is out....whats the verdict....Heaven knows.....
That's it hes no longer looking..........
The last of the RPM Reg has given up on real women he's gonna build his own........

STOP RPM 2014 (2014)

10 tracks by thetworegs

My contribution to the RPM 2014.....the saga of Reg continues....


Reg has been waiting for this day for what seems an age....and now it's here...Today is the day.... Today is the day Today is the day Today is the day Todays got to be the day i’m going to pack all those bad things in a suitcase and walk…read more
The RPM journey begins here....Reg has fallen again it was soon after he got wagon he was falling off...but he's come to a crossroads and this time he means it this time....things are going to change..... TOMORROW IT STOPS Another week just…read more
Reg is doing well but everything around him seems to be stopped or running at half its on rewind....he's findiing it hard adjusting to the normal pace of life after all those years on fast forward....... STUCK IN A CLOUD CAN NOT…read more
Now Reg has finally come round to reality he's starting to think about his future......He needs to be financially secure........... I’m trying to play the game keep my head and body tamed I’m trying to do whatever i have to to get along…read more
Reg has decided he's never gonna be financially stable so he going looking for what money can't buy LOVE! come little closer come on come close come a little nearer where i can see you the most i want you i want your love all i need all…read more
Reg is feeling lonely...he needs to feel some love...he wants to be surrounded by love.... the loneliness is getting unbearable for him........ i want love i need it now i want love to take me over right now i want love i want love i want…read more
We got the Brass band back in for this one....although..Reg is trying to hide away from the world he can't find love he can't find a job he likes he's only just keeping a hold of the reigns but the good thing is he's not drinking........ i’ve…read more
Reg is not thinking right..........he just lonely...but not everyone understands that..... (Igor very kindly offered to remix this version for me...Thank you Igor) The curtain was raised the show began i took a breath as she came on there…read more
Reg has succumb ...this being straight lark just isn't for him's full of least he knows what to expect when he's high..... Pour the whiskey from the bottle fill the glass drain it dry say goodbye to all that sorrow…read more
Here's the final track for my rpm album....Reg realizes he has to love the life he leads because there's only one bite of the apple and there's no second chances........ You Gotta love the life you need MY LIFE IS FULL OF REGRET AND OH SO FULL…read more

"No Thanks" RPM Challenge 2013 (2013)

13 tracks by thetworegs

Reg's Rock Opera.......The continuing saga of Reg but maybe this time he has sorted it all out....or has he?


Seb is asleep so i thought i would start this years RPM challenge and i decided this years RPM album is going to carry on the story of Reg and Regs travel back into the real world after his breakdown through his abuse of drink and drugs and his…read more
Reg is contemplating his future and how to change................So he got the acoustic out and perused the idea..... The Hurricane (Lyrics) I stand in the window looking back at me trying to understand where i got it wrong how my life could…read more
Heres the 2nd Track for the RPM challenge ....Reg really does not want to go back behind the door...he's afraid of his own shadow...poor old Reg...... I don't want to go Back (Lyrics) tick tick goes the clock once more i don’t know who i am anymore…read more
Reg is fed up with being judged on his mental health..Care in the community...what a joke...track no3 for the RPM...... Care in the Community (Lyrics) I’ve been shaken down to what i really am and i am really nothing like you or you or you…read more
Well Reg has fell off the wagon and wants to party on……theres no looking back……it's full on ….PARTY!!! Party On (Lyrics) Yeah i feel good i’m ready to get it on i feel like i’ve been dead. i been gone so long my mind is alive and im ready rock…read more
Reg is trying to go cold Turkey but he needs help so he's gone to see the Doctor ...... Doctor (Lyrics) Doctor can you help me, can you stop the pain thats roaming around in my head Doctor give me something to stop the Hallucination thats coming…read more
Heres Track 5 for the RPM carry on with the Saga of Reg......Well after his night of falling of the wagon Reg has realized that he needs to get his head together and stop...but how....he needs help....desperately ....... What Have I Done Where…read more
Poor old Reg is finally dry but all he dreams of is his thirst.............. Thirst (Lyrics) Now i’m dry i just feel thirsty all i dream of is a drink nothing seems to matter all i crave is the drink now the days all drift into one now the hard…read more
Here's number 08 in the saga of Reg……………..Reg has been so down since he stopped drinking…….he feels so alone he's gone and done something stupid…..but luckily he was found by the postman unconscious on the steps leading to his bedsit….the postman…read more
Poor old Reg is spending a lot of his time in recovery just looking out the window with a noddle playing in his head.......
Well Reg has finally had some good luck he's stopped drinking or at least for a while and a beautiful girl has walked into his life she the one? Love is in the Air (Lyrics) I couldn’t believe my luck as she walked in through the door wandered…read more
Well the new women in Regs life became the keeper and his wife and they lived happily ever after...well up to now anyway...Reg can never seem to keep the pessimistic thoughts totally at bay but he was trying...He felt reborn on the birth of his…read more
a different approach with vocals............

FRACTURED 2012 RPM (2012)

13 tracks by thetworegs

MY 2012 RPM Challenge...all done and dusted....To try an explain why Reg is such a mess in answer to 2011 Stop me the result of his troubles...........


I was listening to Jesmiaus earlier Trick of your love (RPM2012) and it gave me an idea for my first RPM this thanks Will...... hope you all enjoy this....i did doing it...they say smoking weed can make you schitzophrenic but i’m not…read more
My second attempt at the RPM challenge 2012...... DO WE STAY OR DO WE GO (Lyrics) I drink to try and resolve all the problems that i know i try to find some kind of escape but i’m afraid that i’m just too late all my thoughts they whirl around…read more
We had to drag Elvis and the Big band out for this one.....hope you enjoy....... All I Want Is Love (Lyrics) Can’t you see what i need Cant you see how i feel All i what from you is love Thats what i want Want to feel All i need All…read more
Reg is willing to try anything to sort out his relationship with Miranda ......fifteen years is a long time and he doesn't just want to throw it away......... G, Am, G, Am, G, Am, D, C, Bb, Am, Wonderland (Lyrics) let's go escape again…read more
Here's Number 9 for the RPM Challenge nearly finished writing ....then i'll try to clean them up a bit if i have time....i dragged Elvis out again for this one and tried to play my uncles Harmonica he left me for the first time......... Are you…read more
Poor old Reg she's left him again........... JUST ONE OF A MILLION LONELY MEN (Lyrics) Can't find love in this cold hard city There ain't no love and there ain't no pity Walking alone in the lamp lit town Trying to hide my sorrowed frown…read more
Reg has met a new girl she’s a little unstable but he loves her just the same................ Time Bomb (Lyrics) Yeah baby your just like a ticking bomb Ooh baby your just like a ticking bomb The only trouble is if you explode The only trouble…read more
Reg had something to get of his chest on number 6 for the RPM because he needs rebuilding after that last relationship.................. D,Bm,D, Bm, G, A, G, A, D, Bm, D, Bm, G, A, G, A TAKE ME TO THE MACHINE SHOP(Lyrics) My heads whirring…read more
Another one for the RPM this one on the £16 Special....hope you enjoy...
Well E did a drums and vocal down the cellar early this morning............ A Love That Is Real i know that love can be lonely i know that love can be cruel i know what i want and i know what your love so don’t be so cold, lady don’t be so…read more
I’ve seen the sun die (Lyrics) I’ve watched the moonrise i’ve seen the sun die on our love and now it’s gone i want that dream of love i want to hold it close to my heart i wanna to feel the warmth of your touch i want to feel you in…read more
Life comes Tumbling down (Lyrics) I have the moon up there and the stars behind got my thoughts in my head and my memories make me blue living with those memories every day yeah they keep me alive inside since my life came tumbling down yeah…read more
Well you knew he would be in the end.. .i liked the song but not the way it was performed so here's Take 2...... Going to hell in a rowing boat (Lyrics) Im Going off to hell in a rowing boat He’s going to hell in a rowing boat Im Going to…read more

STOP ME (RPM2011) (2011)

12 tracks by thetworegs

Thetworegs entry to the 2011 RPM Challenge Reg has had a bit of trouble with his mental and physical health. So he is trying to stop his alcohol and drug intake and change his ways especially since he was released from prison on his appeal ....


Well it had to happen sometime, he couldn't go on living the way he was, even with those full throttle hands there was no excuse, he was guilty....... guilty as charged........RPM2011
The doctor has told thetworegs something they don't want to hear. So they funk it out........ RPM2011
It's past midnight and he's coming down too fast he's asking himself a lot questions including the big one .......................RPM2011
Reg has been dancing on the scene and started drinking again, this freedom he wanted so badly is harder than he thought. But he'll get through it.........
Reg is wanting his lady to come home, he misses her, he needs her everything has gone wrong................RPM2011
After Reg's murderous thoughts it only took an argument about who was going to make the tea to make his beloved leave him but the problem was, so had 50% of his lottery winnings and it was this he took hard, He went on the preverbal bender. Waking…read more
While in Re-hab in a little known place in Tibet, Reg has had a vision during his detox of the future, when the waters has gone........... Reg hears someone say "Quick put the kettle on and boil the whiskey then we can have a cup of tea…read more
The other night a few of Elvis's friends came over to see him and the thetworegs were listening in by the ventilation shaft from the cellar and they took a liking to a jam that was happening with a man called Diamond Neil doing the Vocals. This…read more
Reg has been caught again by the bottle this time he has nearly gone too far. He paralyzed with drink and hallucinating on the grog he sees his dead Uncle ................ Uncle The room was spinning, the cartwheels have come, He’s…read more
As you know Reg has stopped drinking but the DT's have not stopped he has started hallucinating. He is looking for something to believe in to stop him drinking but he can find nothing at all, he has started to think there is nothing to believe…
Reg has left re-hab but now he has to fill those sober hours with something, so he has taken to people watching, but like everything in his life he has become addicted to it, listening in on there private conversation as he follows them, watching…read more
Reg is still in the empty bar but this time he decides to sing along and let his Blues out..........he wakes.......


10 tracks by thetworegs



My 1000th Upload in 6 years...Thanks for listening it's been quite a journey from my first tentative step into this new world of making music.I couldn't have done it without you THANKS!!.....Here's a live in the cellar production..... THE…read more
well it is. Isn't it? Truth Is Such A Slut stained sheets on a hotels bed bloodstains left from the living dead ash from a smoked cigarette burns the soul from the tangled head the sailor fills his pockets with earth trying to get that…read more
A bit of a mess around on an old Elvis song....
Gene has made an excellent backer here's a first mix the finished one is to come..i know i'm like a puppy dog i should wait....Thanks Gene
Another attempt at playing the drums mmmm maybe i should have left them off... THE HURRICANES COMING the storm clouds start gather and surround the rain comes pouring down The hurricanes coming run for cover get out of the way get out…read more
Another quick one while escaping the madness of the house in the's Saturday which means the children have their friends over which is great don't get me wrong but we take it in turns to escape for a couple of hours and this is what…read more
Haven't been about for a while...been busy doing nothing but i had some time this morning to have a strum and this is what i came up with after a bit of pondering.....Thanks for listening One and one makes two two in turn makes one everyone…read more
Kari was lookin for a collaborator and after listening to the track i jumped at the chance of working with him...Thanks Kari BURN I hear your voice through the darkness i hear your words and they Burn i see your look i feel you be i just…read more
A Tom Waits cover live in the cellar.......
Parker sent me over this great backer to add some lyrics to...and i came up with this WAR OF WORDS life has become a war of words all my meanings are being misheard i know you can’t take no more i don’t want us to fight anymore i just…read more

collaborations (2011)

73 tracks by various alonetone artists

While looking for the collaboration i did with Johnny for the tribute album i started to realise that i had started to collect quite a few collaborations together and they have all been enjoyable to do. So i thought i would re-share them with you so here they are With Norm, Chris Vaisvil, Igor, Rick Philips, Wrinkled Shirt, Johnny Stone, Eshar, Route 19, Rob Mills, Movement with Contact, Farfetched Tango Band,Dave berry, Henwrench, Wildgeas MusicThanks everyone for letting me share and anyone who wants to collaborate in the future count me in.......


Reg was listening to Igors tune and an idea came to him, how he could regain his 50% of his lottery winning............... one for the musical
I heard this from Rick & Norm and read how Rick had described the track and something clicked. So here it is, what do i know..
eshar asked me "if you ever feel like supplying some funky vocals...that would be awesome! ." I said "yes" instantly because i love what she comes up with. Here is the first attempt, all words are made up on the moment with no retakes. I think…read more
Here is my attempt at the mile of sorrow hope you like it..........
I heard this by Norm and it got me thinking about an idea of an old friend who turns up in need, its a surprise , you haven't even thought of him in the last six months and here he is what do you do?............
Chris sent me this great tune playing his 17 ET guitar and fretless bass, and for some reason i thought Mafia instantly. Sammy the Bull was the under-boss to John Gotti back in the 80's and 90's and he turned informer to bring John Gotti down…
This is a song i always wanted to have a go at and it wasn't until Johnny let me have a go on his representation of it i got my chance. Thanks Johnny for letting me have a go, may you rest in peace............
Reg had sat listening to the Wrinkled Shirts track and decided it was time to tell you the story of how he found his Mojo. it was a time way back when, to far back to remember. when he was just a young man. when he had decided to fast-forward…read more
Most of you probably haven’t seen Reg dance, so I should explain it to you. When Reg takes his “classic moves” to the dance floor everyone else steps aside to just watch – well, that is everyone except a few of the most self confident…read more
Genres: Urban/Hip-Hop: Rhythm and Blues Urban/Hip-Hop: Soul Album: Its About Soul Artist's description: a collaboration Contributors: thetworegs vocals Norm percussion…
There is a small flicker of faith that he will make it through. He has found himself in the market place surrounded by people, looking for compassion. There is none. He feels invisible, centered on his own problems but that small flicker of faith…read more
The year is 1790 and the place is French Guiana and the subject is the slave trade..................... This is a collab with Norm.
Cover version of thetworegs tune 'Ooooh baby I do love you' inna reggae style
That busy life we all lead, sometimes we should take notice of that time flying by......... thanks Norm
I think I bit off more than I could actually chew this time and I apologize to Norm and Reg about that. This is a setting of verses from Contemporary English…read more
This is an ad-lib to Vaisvil's track, i heard it and the drumbeat reminded me of The Doors slowed down, it gave me an idea so here it is..........
No more messing about for Reg, this is the one she has long black satin hair the body of an angel, her accent is pure English rose she stands by the bar talking to her friends, she turns Reg catches her eye and smiles a bolt of electricity zaps…read more
I've tried to give it a Reg tilt, i hope Jim isn't rolling in his grave too much. Thanks Johnny for letting me have a go..............
I listened to Chris's Orwellioan Cameras while watching the video. It got me thinking about the eye watching us and this is what i came up with.............
This was going to be a re-make of Dancing on my own but reg was too busy to participate so i have used Norms percussion track and got Chris Vaisvil to bass it up and i have added a vocal creating something new. Reg has had a lot of trouble with…read more
Aw, we tried to make this a bit more pro, but sometimes the really fun moments in life are fleeting. So here it is warts and all. But don't mind that - just get out onto the dance floor with Reg! It's ok: he's up to date on his shots. When…read more
My contribution for Johnny with Norms excellent percussion. I've given it a bit of an Indian twist.......
Without the waffle..........
Reg was talking to Elvis about Frank and he told him something he didn't can have it all then at the end not remember it which is what happened to Frank the grind ground him down a sad ending for a great man......Dementia is a cruel end…
They were all in the cellar and Louis heard this great tune by the Farfetched Tangmo Band and had to recite this story he had heard of Jack and Jill... so here it is.............
Well, who do think came down the cellar last night... Yep! you guested it, Charlie Sheen, he was none too happy. He should have been if the girls with him were anything to go by. He'd come to talk to Elvis about handling the Yes men and how he…read more
Reg went to a funeral of an old friend the other day. He then went for a drink in the cellar and got chatting with Vincent Price and Elvis about life being just a game that you couldn't win no matter how well you played . Reg started jamming over…read more
.......if there not the one,should you keep looking, if so for how long...........well Reg threw Henwrench's music into the cellar and what bounced out was a song he wasn't suspecting.... Love me tender I've been alone now seems to long…read more
Poor old Mary lived in the anonymous council flats near Reg, he didn't know her he just read about her in the paper....Thanks Henwrench
Reg took a collaboration from Chris Vaisvil, Norm and threw it into the cellar last night and this is what was returned through Regs door this morning...... a tale from the old wild west.........................
Reg threw Norms 7th son in the Cellar tonight and it wasn't long before young Johny Cash had jumped all over it................. Daddy didn’t love his 7th son I was born when the storm really started rising When the ships crashed the rocks…read more
Reg has been over to on the other side and found this little beauty a piece of music by Willi Wendon and he loved it so much he's put a vocal to it. Hope you like it Willie.......... IT'S A CRAZY WORLD It’s a crazy world…read more
Well Reg has decided he's had enough of looking for love, he's always disappointed anyway. He went down to his local lap Dancing club and met Shandy who was a working girl on the side, so Reg decided to pay for sex to try and keep a lid on his…read more
I had missed this one when it was first put up by Chris Vaisvil and Norm (Still waiting) i heard it today for the first time and it struck a chord so i asked Chris if i could add some words and being the generous man he is, he said yes. So i set…read more
Fisherman and the Siren by Lord Frederic Leighton This is a blues collaboration between The TwoRegs (vocals / lyrics) and Norm Harris (percussion) and…read more
thetworegs - amazing vocals (is that really you Elvis, damn, what a vocal) Dave - Electric guitar, synth, bass, drums from Boss microBR. This was a labour of love. I have loved this song, and this version (Elvis) as long as I can remember…
thetworegs - vocals (holy gospel choir of Regs) Dave Berry- Strat, bass, organ, drums played on Roland HD-1 "In the Ghetto" (originally titled "The Vicious Circle") is a song recorded by Elvis Presley and published by Elvis Presley Music in…read more
Vocals/lyrics - ThetwoRegs Music - Dave Berry (Epi Sheraton, bass, keys, Drums played on Roland HD-1)
We forgot to mention that Reg visited Norm's place a little later and added some vocals. The video is a ride through the US state of Virginia. The Texas Tavern serves cheesy westerns (cheese, fried egg, burger, bun) in the downtown of Roanoke Va.
Guess who came down the cellar last night......Johnny's tune was playing on the juke box and nobody could stop him.......Thanks Johnny......
Johnny Stones fabulous tune was playing on the juke-box in the cellar last night and Robert got up to do his thing but Reg told him to step down and let him have a go.Reg took over proceedings and blew everyone away down the cellar with his take…read more
Reg heard this collab (Quarter of a 60th Djörk (M.T.C.) and thought it brilliant, the music made it so easy to put the words to, a story of holiday romance.......with a bit of Tom Jonesing going on..........Thanks Djork and M.T.C for letting…read more
A Heartbeaker that's been Reggiefied hope you enjoy thanks Johnny
Thanks again Johnny for letting me have a go on this classic from my school days's been Regged a little hope you enjoy...........
Another with Johnny this one with a whole lotta love thanks Johnny
A song for a wet day in Sheffield Thanks Johnny.......another one for the Zep album.........I will have to sort out that first verse..........but i hope you enjoy..........
I heard Fort Bigwater by Wildgeas Music this afternoon and it struck a chord and some lyrics came to here they are...Thanks Wildgeas for letting play.........
I had a blast doing this one with Geas, hope you like it as much as we did doing it............... SHAKEDOWN (Lyrics) Is this a breakdown No it’s Nothing but a shakedown Can’t we let this go ooh I don’t know Is this a tell and…read more
Norm set me these drums for Dancing on my own a while back but Reg went and dumped the file so we couldn't use them. So i'm using them now, while Reg gets Gone.........Thanks Norm
I heard MTC's track Rusty nail and just had to add a vocal Thanks Movement for letting me play....... SINGING TO ANOTHER MANS SONG (Lyrics) I walk in the front door and i hear the back door slam I know its the back door man I walk blind…read more
This was a collab i heard today on Songcrafters and was wondering wether to ask to have a go at it vocally when Tharek sent me message asking me to have a go so Thanks Tharek and Dave, i am more than pleased to give it a go. i loved this music…read more
I did this one to Norms track Proof....... it's about a disturbing dream...... i hasten to add it was Reg's dream not mine. So blame him................
I had this mellow tune hanging around when I heard "Love is Life" by The Two Regs and thought I need to catch the other Reg while he's around. Lucky for me he had the time, the voice, and the melody. We created this lovely tune. I was electrified…read more
Reg has been reading a lot lately he's currently reading an interesting book called "Storming Heaven LSD and the American Dream by Jay Stevens" and so he decided to revisit A Toast to the Stone-age he did with Norm during Johnny's death and before…read more
Geas sent me this tune for National talk like a pirate a day so we took it down the cellar and luckily Robert Newton was down there so we got him up on the stage and got him to do this little number......Hoping Yee enjoy eye arrh…read more
Chris sent me the the track this afternoon and i took to it straight away and threw it down the cellar to see what would happen and Frankie Zee quickly scribbled the lyrics and Reg sang it or should i say spoke it straight in one take because…read more
Johnny stone came down this morning for the choirs Practice session in the Cellar for tomorrows service at the Church of Reg where the Cellar choir will be performing this Zep Classic, there all in there Elvis, Jim, killer Lewis, John, Bob and…read more
Peter bought the old grey wolf down the cellar and Humphrey had to go and chat to him and tell him about his day. This is the story he told him................... YOUR NEVER TOO OLD TO BE A FOOL It’s 7.55 and the doors just opened. She’s giving…read more
TheTwoRegs = vocal + lyrics Norm = percussion Chris = backing vocal, guitar, bass Basil Bunting = introduction
Thanks to Johnny Reg is getting quite a Zep album together filling a teenage dream...Thank Johnny.....
since johnny's death experience on alonetone he has realised he has special powers not only can he recreate any song that's ever been made but he can now transcend consciousness and appear anywhere in the world that he wants too and tonight he…read more