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Other stuff with bollocks or bollocks with other stuff.
Come and have a peek.

We are the Two Regs two people who like Frank says “Have been puppets, paupers, pirates, poets and kings” well you might just say thats life. Well life is exactly what the two regs have had, rich exciting ones, most of it lived without the help of for-thought, sometimes the situation just took over and led us on a different path to the one we expected. Most of our stuff (words &music) is coming at you live and kicking on the moment without thought of a second take, so there are mistakes. Show me the man without sin and i’ll chuck a f@£$%^G big stone at him.
So if you have time have a browse and a listen, please do and leave a comment if you have one. It may amuse, it may offend but with both emotions being so close does it really matter which you feel as long as you come away satisfied and the journey was worth taking..