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Fifth track on my album Funk247
seventh track on the album Funk247 featuring the vocal of Joe Funk
Eighth track of the album Funk247. Features of the vocal of Anomaly Jones.
Third track on the album Funk247
Take a trip on The Funk Express!
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A bit of light relief from the normally morose and twisted UDON NOODLES
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This is the start of an idea for the band, i googled three words to describe President Trump and the result gave me the idea for the lyrics not sure if it works or not but hey it's an idea..... Idea for Lumbering beast he’s gross and disturbing…read more
Another teaser. I guess its teaser time vibes ova here. Enjoy and feel. Yea,critique too.
i had a visit this morning when i got to the door there were a couple of Jehovah witness's sprouting the gospel i explained i was an Atheist but he was a nice chap ao we had a little chat about the state of the world and what was to be done when…read more
Reg was talking to Elvis last night and Elvis came out with something so simple and profound "you can't hide from the man inside" and this got Reg thinking....................
Reg knows why he drinks it was to forget but what it was he was trying to forget he realizes he has forgotten.............but now he cant stop.......
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Third track on the album Funk247
Reefwalker said

had to smile at :20 - Taken in a few of your tracks.. Very cool. Love the funk going down. put together well
Thanks for the uploads!
- reef

Eighth track of the album Funk247. Features of the vocal of Anomaly Jones.
thetworegs said

Funkerliscious!!! Good to have a bit of Funk added to my day again …

10th and title track. Lots of funky guitars, organs and percussion.
Radio Roswell said

Great sound and playing.

Once again some awesome drum loops from alividlife fired my imagination and this track was the end result.
Johnny Stone said

Great love funk very cool

An old one, but a good one...One of my favourite tracks from my Turn it Up album (2011) A smooth groove. :D
Guest said

Your back!! Yeah!! Get the Funk on!

Slowly I have come to realise that I have an instinctive need to share my ‘creativity’ with others, but not because I want fame or fortune, far from it; but just having others listen to my music or read or hear my poetry or see my photography…that is reward in itself…and if they actually like it too…then that’s an added bonus!

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