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To Quote Mike "I only had a few minutes, smashed together with artless clumsiness." as always hers my attempt at Live forever Live from the cellar
Live from the cellar for a fest on the otherside Thanks for listening
A little bit stolen from Oasis but the rest is all mine honest.....I think so any way Em7 (Verse) C9 Em7 (Chorus) Em7 Am7 (Break) MAYBE All the roads out of here lead to nowhere All the lights that lead us have gone dark There may be many…read more
Another demo from the cellar........Thanks for listening
I got to thinking about what its lke for the single guy/girl trying to find love CFGCFGDm G C F I don’t know really how to explain it But my heart got broke and my confidence is starting to wain If I saw a pretty woman, she’d smile I’d…read more
a bit of doodling turned into this ..... The clock strikes midnight and Jennys heading home Peter, makes do with bus and he sits there on his alone He’s Watching the streets fill with people as the the raindrops form to the glass the falling…read more
Heres a collab from the otherside the excellent backer is by Kari and the waffle is by yours truly... THEIR AT IT AGAIN WERE TOLD TO FOLLOW THEIR WISDOM TO BE PART OF THE KINGDOM JUSTICE MUST BE DONE THEY MAKE US LOOK LEFT WHILE THEY…read more
Old age is relentless for some....... Here I can hear the telephone ringing but I don’t know who it is on the other end I hear a voice that sounds quite friendly I can tell you I don’t really understand Seem to know the voice from…read more
Gene sent me over this beaut of a funky backer of the song by Tower of Power a real tounge tister i'm guilty of the vocals Gene did the good bit Thanks Gene
Live in the cellar a little bit of Janis Joplin just acoustic and voice Thanks for listening
For a fest on the otherside a completely different version than Rays but then it has been Regged
I've been listening to a lot of Bowie and Elton John latelyso i thought i should start to learn some of their song as it may help me with my own so this one is live in the cellar. Thanks for listening
A Bowie cover for the fest on the otherside live in the livingroom...Thanks for listening
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I've decided my theme for this years RPM challenge album is going to be the problems in the world today..... A little bit of politics!!...why not!!..i can't say i believe in any of them...... You still want us to believe You say you govern…read more
A collab with Tod from the other side....Thanks Tod..... i'm responsible for the waffle & lead ....Thanks for listening Drink the whiskey The earth has burned nothing here will grow It’s just a dust bowl and earth as hard as bone There ain…read more
I heard some really sad news on the TV that an 11 year old girl had been suspected of committing suicide on the way home from school.....what is the world coming too........ Nobody knew She disappeared from the bridge Nobody saw her fall…read more
It's RPM time and it seems to have given me the kick i need to get the creative juices going again so i'm 2 songs in and more to come. Vote Big Bad Dog!! Big Bad Dog Gonna Find Out The Truth They have shaken, all of my belief ]their all…read more
Old Age is a bitch..... As this game of truth, slowly fills up with lies As the happy ever after gets more and more disguised The inner truth will pull the mind closed tight As we introduced ourselves to the end of the night Somedays…read more
a bit of Zep with Speeddemon (Gene) from the otherside Thanks Gene
First one for a long time thanks for listening .... thought i'd try playing everything...still got to work on that bass and drums \DARLING.DARLING,DARLING G D G D G D C G D EM7 A A7 EM7 A A7 EM7 A A7 C G AM A6 AM D Oh darling darling…read more
My heart goes out to all those people who lost loved ones in the fire last night that played out the terrible scenes on the TV this morning. I watched with my mouth open at the horror of it all and wished i was dreaming......
Small town Blues have you got them?
Take 3
Thats all i'm trying to do.......
Desirea is playing with Regs head again....
another for the one chord song club..... WHITE LINE FEVER coming up like a speeding train as the powder hits my brain i can taste every grain as the brain begins to stain begins to stain Got the white line fever i’m set alight like…read more
Yesterday i was a dreamer Today am i just a fool got nothing to give you in this life i’m just your tool i feel like someones mule i feel like someones mule Pull this gun from fingers Take this anger out from my soul let it go…read more
messing around jamming and came up with this
i want to start to feel real This old heart mine has had nothing but bad times Every time i think i got it made By christ it all goes wrong again yeah Everything goes wrong and i’m left singing this sad song i want to feel some love running…read more
Gary the drummer sent the lyrics and chords over and im guitlty og the rest. I must add it sounds nothing like it will finish up but hey i've just got my computer back and can record again so who cares!!!
My computer decided to give up the ghost so while its being fixed I dragged out an old laptop and recorded this through the inbuilt mic adding a little lead after ...
A 1st mix
This is the start of an idea for the band, i googled three words to describe President Trump and the result gave me the idea for the lyrics not sure if it works or not but hey it's an idea..... Idea for Lumbering beast he’s gross and disturbing…read more
With Rat a tat ta t's drums from the other side ...Thanks Tod
Live in the Cellar...........
another for the RPM the seeker the psychic the depressed turn to to put there life back on track..... THE SEEKER so your the seeker, who can unfold the dreams can you tell me whats waiting out there in the foreseen can you see in to my minds…read more
A demo for the band
Heres another from the collaboration list on the other-side another excellent backer by Kari Thanks for letting me play with it.... TRY TO LOVE ME why are you so scared of things that, you can not change Why do you spend your time worrying…read more
Kari had this backer on the collaborations list on the other side and i couldn't resist giving it a go. Hope you enjoy Thanks for listening. IT WAS A MADNESS I met this women she said she was, the women of my dreams, full of lust cause…read more
I've taken up Kens Challenge to work on this backer with him.I hope no one is offended by this too much. Its just an opinion , i've tried to describe the conflict in American politics and the world to the new President Trumps and his attitudes…read more
An outline for another for the RPM .... PASSWORD I can fly for miles and miles with the money i spend I can go back through time, with the deal i’ve signed i know the secrets you told your, very best friend i was winning the race, till the…read more
One for the RPM... THAT WOMEN A E D I tell you this women she got no soul she gotta heart made of stone That makes her blood runs cold She’ll take a young man with all that love in his heart When she leaves him he’ll have nothing left…read more
This is a song written by a new friend Reg met , while walking Monty the dog in the woods at the top of the hill, Sherlock the dog and Smed where walking too and they started to make conversation and the conversation turned to music. Reg told…read more
Been busy revising....but hey!! i passed..... JUST LIKE THE 70’S Everybody knows that the 70‘s rocked man That rock stars where made of gold  Everybody knows everyone was plugged in the music played with everyones soul Everyone knows everything…read more
Feeling in love Grin no better feeling .... Tried drums bass rhythm guitar and even a bit of lead oh ! and not forgetting the organ....but jumped in a bit too early at the start but hey!! i'm trying...Thanks for listening
it’s last train out of memphis it’s time i lay this love to rest it’s time to look to future stop being obsessed she doesn’t want to know me she doesn’t want me near she wants me to leave her alone it’s become clear it’s become so…read more
live in the celler..Hope you Enjoy...Thanks for listening..
A bit of a musical kinda song..... I DID WRONG Counting on my fingers, counting on my toes, the years go by, but life is so slow where life leads, to where it goes ,where it’s heading, no one really knows But a small mistake a wrong place…read more
A bit of a blue one live from the cellar..... Time Please Fly Away time has that way of healing pain it can can turn a madman back to sane long ago a dream was made but like my thoughts that dream has strayed now i’m lost on a dark…read more
Ken sent me over this AC/DC kinda backer and asked if i was interested in doing something with it and i sure was ....Heres' what we came up with Thanks Ken for letting me warble on this.....SHE SER MY BLOOD ON FIRE six foot one with those dark…read more
Johnny sent me over this backer of the theme song for the old TV series Auf Weidersein Pet .....
Just back from a lovely two week holiday in Cornwall and Gene sent me the finished version while i was away....another excellent backer by gene ...hope you enjoy our take on a Stevie wonder classic ......
Reworked by the band into this demo... LET EM FLY Easy money is an easy life An easy woman wont make a good wife we’re all enjoying the ride while know no one gets out aliv so I say, Let them cards fall let them fly some people say…read more
i had a visit this morning when i got to the door there were a couple of Jehovah witness's sprouting the gospel i explained i was an Atheist but he was a nice chap ao we had a little chat about the state of the world and what was to be done when…read more
Another from live in the cellar.... WE'RE ALL ON OUR OWN You can write a thousand songs about Heart ache you can hold your heart open to the world but no one gives a damn about your heartache there’s too many broke hearts already in this…read more
a little live in the cellar song ... Nobody Knows well i’m sat here watching the waves go back and fourth Eating away at this here shore Like years on a life always wanting that little bit more then time comes along like a demon and takes…read more
A little disgusted at our former Prime minister... to say the least... HE'S THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE we have travelled down the road from what yesterday was to be i switched on the TV and guest who i see i saw Blairs dishonest eyes looking…read more
A Regged version of this classic by Free...Hope you enjoy.........
a demo for the band..gave the Blues harp ago on this one ..a little bit of politics So everybody’s spoken so theres nothing more to say they seem to know where we’re going it’s to the other side today so lets get going while the the sun…read more
Thanks Rob for the idea..... well Nigel he’s full of mouth he seems to tell us all he knows what its about but i’m afraid Nigel will always be a twat A face of rubber and fat That Nigek farrow is such a twat he really suit athat kkk hat…read more
For the 48%...... this is the only reality we know we can touch it feel it we’re the one who take the blows but we can’t stop this world spinning never ending it’s turning all the time i’m getting lost in this whirlpool swimming in…read more
The raven fly’s high with those big black wings High in the sky it can see everything Down on the ground is little Louise Dead in the bushes her soul in the breeze Her father rings his hands and starts to cry Her mother can't believe…read more
another demo for the band........ LET THE CARDS FALL Easy money easy life easy woman wont make a wife but we’re all trying to enjoy this ride while knowing full well no one gets out of here alive so I say, Let the cards fall let them…read more
a demo for a band song with badly played guitar but hey i'm trying ..... you lie to my face you treat me with disgrace you can’t speak to me right your always in a rage come on, look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me Yeah! Look…read more
Another great backer by Speed Demon Gene ...
and another for the 50's fest on the otherside....
One for the 50's rock n roll fest on the other side..........
For some reason i jumped straight in, i was rushing it as time is short but why ??? your guess is as good as mine. Anyway it was a lot of fun Hope you enjoy…….
My 1000th Upload in 6 years...Thanks for listening it's been quite a journey from my first tentative step into this new world of making music.I couldn't have done it without you THANKS!!.....Here's a live in the cellar production..... THE…read more
well it is. Isn't it? Truth Is Such A Slut stained sheets on a hotels bed bloodstains left from the living dead ash from a smoked cigarette burns the soul from the tangled head the sailor fills his pockets with earth trying to get that…read more
A bit of a mess around on an old Elvis song....
Gene has made an excellent backer here's a first mix the finished one is to come..i know i'm like a puppy dog i should wait....Thanks Gene
Another attempt at playing the drums mmmm maybe i should have left them off... THE HURRICANES COMING the storm clouds start gather and surround the rain comes pouring down The hurricanes coming run for cover get out of the way get out…read more
Another quick one while escaping the madness of the house in the cellar...it's Saturday which means the children have their friends over which is great don't get me wrong but we take it in turns to escape for a couple of hours and this is what…read more
Haven't been about for a while...been busy doing nothing but i had some time this morning to have a strum and this is what i came up with after a bit of pondering.....Thanks for listening One and one makes two two in turn makes one everyone…read more
Kari was lookin for a collaborator and after listening to the track i jumped at the chance of working with him...Thanks Kari BURN I hear your voice through the darkness i hear your words and they Burn i see your look i feel you be i just…read more
A Tom Waits cover live in the cellar.......
Parker sent me over this great backer to add some lyrics to...and i came up with this WAR OF WORDS life has become a war of words all my meanings are being misheard i know you can’t take no more i don’t want us to fight anymore i just…read more
For my contribution to the RPM this year i thought i'd tell a little story...... Blank Episode 1 For those of us who think it impossible to stop these full throttle hands. BLANK (STRANGE DAYS) Thetworegs The Blue sky in my dreams…read more
BLANK Episode 2 10.(II BELIEVE IN BELIEF) Thetworegs Finally the plane lands in Geneva safe and sound, My fears have not, they haven’t you know materialized at all, i’m still here , I have not been smothered by the Bulk who just sat quietly…read more
BLANK Episode 3 17.(I BEGAN TO FALL) Thetworegs This voice carried on lecturing me “You really have no idea do you” ‘The shit that you have put people close to you through’ “ all this crap you about i can stop if i want to, i’ve just got…read more
BLANK Episode 4 31.(A MAN LIKE ME) Thetworegs Thirty minutes or so had passed and fuck all had happened i was starting to think he’d given me a fucking placebo when the little Red light from the stereo, jumped and started flickering up…read more
43.(A PIANO RUMBLE) Thetworegs I carried on walking i must have walked for miles. Thinking, cursing him, persuading myself, to forget about him, the fucking no good, and carry on with a newer cleaner life and possibly put everything back to…read more
Had a lot of fun with this one
This is an old one i found on my Hard Drive a collab with Chris Vaisvil it seems an age ago....
.using my old Acoustic with my Chrimbo Prezzie woody Seymore Duncan pickup on....This one started as live in the Cellar...... i've just added some backing here and there as it seemed a bit sparse so i'm still classing it as a kind off LiTC…
Here's my Bowie tribute....finally..Like a dog with a bone i carried on with this trying to play and sing hopefully i haven't chewed it up too much.....All recorded on the one track live in the cellar....so no going back....
One for the Peace Fest on the other side....it has a touch of the Irish about it i think..... Bugger the fighting and bugger the wars make an end to maiming and being parliaments whore lets put a stop to the fighting once more cause nobody…read more
I was looking through my Doors music book and this one reared it's head and i thoughti'll try the one scale i know and try some lead ..so i dived in.........
I found a new chord shape on my acoustic while trying out a new Chrimbo prezzie a Seymore Duncan Woody pickup for my old acoustic so of course i wrote a song around it.... I’ve got this feeling deep inside that makes me want to cry I…read more
Here's a demo i'm offering up for the band i'm in the Big Bad Dog...Jon is on Guitar i may add a lot better player than myself the first demo i think was Em all the way through that i played him luckly he can see what i'm trying to put across…read more
There's a producer Fest over at Songcrafters and Hook (Eric) from Miami took this song on and i think did a great job... What your thoughts?
The old hippie in me has tried to write a Christmas peace song ....I had a couple of hours today with Seb at pre-school so i just got on with it...i think the sentiment is there but the verses do need a polish but hey! ive ran out of time so this…read more
I 've watching and reading the news this last week with interest and i feel they have got it wrong on the fight with IS but then i am only one voice and others have different opinions but i don't know how you can bomb to stop an idea...is it all…read more
Practicing for a gig i have coming up down the local football club in a couple of weeks supporting a local band for there Christmas do....Here.s my attempt at the Who's Magic Bus...using my new line6 pod and the voicelive for the vocal...not the…read more
Gene sent me over this great backer and i tried to fill the vocalists shoes......this is one of two different mix's the other is over on Songcrafters ........Thanks Gene
another sad one from me...i seem to be stuck in the groove.... F Am F Am G Am G E7 Yesterday I had a dream I became one I was Watching the waves play around with the sun While dancing to the sweet vibe of that sunshine I suddenly felt the…read more
a song from the Nashville series....
Chris sent me over this track and i got to wondering what i could do to add to it. The tragedy of the Russian plane flying back from Egypt came to mind ..... CHAOS The chaos of our time rules our minds The crazy trust in chaos Chaos will…read more
This one is still in progress, Jon the guitarist sent me a riff which i stuck together to get a kinda structure...so this is take 1.... I'm gonna kill a Mockingbird That mockingbird mocks me with your name I'm still not over you and it's causing…read more
A collab on lyrics from the other-side...... Before i stumble and fall Falling back through memories I don't expect a soft landing I'm staring at the tumbleweeds remembering it all i'm remembering it all before I stumble and fall remembering…read more
another sad one...Will she? Blue Skies Fillinf with Rain F D D7 Gm C C7 F D D7 Gm C C7 Bb C C7 F She's smelling the last rose of summer The stem stands high in her hand Looking at its colour Can this really be the day, summer ends…read more
another sad song from Reg........ I don't know sometimes i don’t know how its gonna go i don’t know how its gonna be to live without you I'm so twisted up in regret My mind won't stop thinking of you my heart bleeds cause it knows all it…read more
i’m just a twisted guy whose fallen from paradises sky i’m curled into a ball of fury and fire cause i want your love give me give me your love i’m demanding your love i’m twisting and turning baby i cant let it out i need you…read more
John and i are in the process of trying to write a blues album and here is our first attempt to throw at your ears. Hope you enjoy! Johns musicianship is Bloody excellent i just hope i can keep up...
a little noodle that became a doodle........
Another live in the cellar....with a little borrowing from Zep...Stairway a song about a beautiful lady who gets old... Stairway I've been told the long legged women ain't got no soul but that ain't gonna stop her finding her goal She's…read more
A love song for the heart break fest on the otherside..... I DON'T KNOW Baby don't leave Don't leave me cold The nights still young but it's starting to feel old The day we met still burns bright in my mind But I know that deep inside you…read more
I was up early this morning before the children so i got me and Les to do and ad-lib song in one take....i wish i had turned the mic down a bit as you can hear me hitting the strings but hey its a kind of percussion...isn't it?
Have been busy this last few weeks with DIY children wedding photos coming out of my ears. But finally found time to pick Les up and create something and came up with this one....Hope you enjoy!!(live in the cellar) Everyone Everyone wanting…read more
Now i'm gonna get out there and get me some sun...... Summertime In The Sunshine lets make hay while the sun shines lets get out there today it’s Summer time so lets get out there and play summer time in the sunshine summer time in the…read more
I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been to be on that beach in Tunisia when the man in black picks up a gun and starts shooting. It was so wrong, so many needless deaths. What the hell is going wrong with this world????.... SUMMER…read more
I was meant to working on a collab...but i got lost.... I got a different way somebody told me that this is the way the individual no longer has a say But i gotta dream i’m gonna change this crazy scene i tell you now there ain’t no more…read more
another little doodle.... I JUST WANT TO ROCK N ROLL all i want from life is too feel like i’ve lived the day they bury me i want to feel like theres nothing left while theres life in these bones i’m gonna nothing but live i want to rock…read more
a noodle that turned into a doodle......
Reg is watching the news again ......and it always gets him thinking..... WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? Some are wanting some have all they need some are bleeding getting down on their knees some are congregating to start another war some…read more
a busy night in the cellar....I've tried to make an authentic live in the cellar sound with me playing Bass Acoustic guitar Les and drums Hope you enjoy!!
WELL....... The Fat Lady's song the nights gone dark, the stars seem like they are a flame the moon lights the way down that lonely road everyones calling shame the rivers flows with an undercurrent of dark black black black pain it’s…read more
The Rod Stewart classic with a bit of a twist....
A demo recorded live for the band THE BIG BAD DOG Trevor...Vocal Jon...Guitar Gary....Drums written by Jerry Reed adapted & Performed by The Big Bad Dog
A demo recorded live for the band THE BIG BAD DOG Trevor...Vocal Jon...Guitar Gary....Drums written by The lab rats adapted & performed by The Big Bad Dog
A demo recorded live for the band THE BIG BAD DOG Trevor...Vocal Jon...Guitar Gary....Drums Written by The Big Bad Dog & MTC adapted and performed by The Big Bad Dog
A demo recorded live for the band THE BIG BAD DOG Trevor...Vocal Jon...Guitar Gary....Drums Written by and performed by The Big Bad Dog
A demo recorded live for the band THE BIG BAD DOG Trevor...Vocal Jon...Guitar Gary....Drums adapted from the Average White Band "Pick Up the Pieces" Lyrics The Big Bad Dog & Performed by The Big Bad Dog
A demo recorded live for the band THE BIG BAD DOG Trevor...Vocal Jon...Guitar Gary....Drums Written by The Big Bad Dog
Well...... The Missing Link I'm like the mirror man, i cant be seen unless your looking in, then i turn into a human being i can see inside you, i can hear what you think i can understand why, the troubles in the world bring you up to the…read more
i've used the same chord progression as i have eyes but speeded it up quite a bit....Hope you enjoy!! LET IT LOOSE you don’t know me and i don’t know you so lets get together and stop feeling blue lets shake it out and lets get this thing…read more
Geas put this beauty of a classic up with the offer of exercising your vocals and i couldn't resist. thanks Geas for the chance to give it a go........
i got caught speeding in my car by one of those eyes in the sky and it got me thinking...... about the world we are living in and what its becoming.....or is that become? I got eyes..... They tell us that were safe in our homes then they…read more
Shaken but not stirred.........
I can't stop her now she's written another..... Supermummy poor mummy poor poor mummy poor poor mummy poor poor mummy she has to sleep with trumping trevor trumping trevor trumping trevor i can’t believe it’s poor poor mummy she’s…read more
another for the fest on the otherside which i thought i'd share with you all too....Hope you enjoy !!
A song performed by my two young daughters Tabitha and Matilda i'm sure you'll enjoy!!...i'm sure i don't trump that much.......
An attempt at a classic for the fest on the other side playing acoustic Bass and trying on the drums .....well at lest i tried ....Thought id try and sort those drums out....but proberly haven't
a live in the Cellar production..... SINCE I'VE BEEN LOVING YOU Since I've been loving You've made me smile Since I've been loving Youve made Everything worth while Since I've been loving I've been on such a high Now please help me not…read more
I thought i'd give this classic a go.........
Geas poured some magic sauce on this one and opened up the song to a new level .....Thanks Geas WHY the innocence of a lie the reason behind the why the sigh of regret at that moment of death why why oh why while were swimming in…read more
Live in the cellar......... MOCKINGBIRD E7 A7 VERSE C D E7 A7 CHORUS D A D A CHANGE Whisper sweet darkness i hear you call my name Day or night it's always the same Insecurity painted with black pain You've been with me so long I still…read more
Finally got round to doing this thanks Johnny
To lift the mood a little this one is live from the cellar.......... D7 G7 x4 A7 G7 D7 She that our love was getting old She said i don't believe you when you tell the truth no more She said I've had enough of you She said close that…read more
it nearly 16years since my father died...... wait till tomorrow comes Am7 Dmx8 C E7 A7. Break Am7 Dm7x3 C E7 A7 Am Ab Am Ab G Am The promise of tomorrow Is moving into today With hope on my shoulder i watch it walk this way As the…read more
well it is isn't it? F Dm Gm C7 F x3 A7 Dm7 x3 Bb7 C7 F  Life, is but a dream The bird sits on the window ledge and he's preaching to the world A hundred bad dreams that have turned into one lonely scream A thousand bad memories of…read more
a little bit of blues....live in the living room at the end perfect timing the wife opens the door ans says See you later......... my baby’s gone and i don’t know what to do my baby’s left me, she left me cold that is true she gone and left…read more
Well i came up with the Bass riff then didn't really know what to do with it ...so i did what i normally do when this happens i mess with it......
Chunk put this Jazzy version up on the otherside and asked if anyone wanted to add a vocal and i was on it not sure it works a 100% but hey it was fun trying.........Thanks Chunk
an original for a change...... D A G F D D A G F D F G D F G D Baby here i am opening myself up to you again i tried to block you out and hoped you’d go away but you keep coming yeah you keep coming back eating up my mind everyday…read more