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Missin you blues


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Woke up this mornin’ got the blues in my head,
Nobody beside me, just an empty ole’ bed.
Heart’s been achin’, since you walked out the door,
Sittin’ here lonely, I can’t take it no more.

Try to find comfort in this bottle of gin,
Pain keeps on a comin’, I just can’t seem to win
The nights are so long, the days are even worse
Since you left me, baby, I’m full of remorse

The radio’s playin’ our favorite song,
But it’s playin’ for one ever since you been gone.
The melody’s haunted, by your sweet face,
And I’m trapped in these blues, can’t escape this place.

Walk through the city, don’t know where im goin’
Coz without you, darlin’ it don’t feel like it’s home
Reminds me of the love we used to shared,
Now I’m lost and lonely, knowin’ you don’t care.

I’m gonna keep on singin’, this lonesome tune,
Hoping you’ll come back to me maybe someday soon.
Until that day, I’ll be feelin’ the blues,
Just a broken down man with nothin’ to lose

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tonycee said

great blues tune , saltyjohn ,love your style , great listen .....cheers tony cee

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