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Girl Cheese Sandwich


Uploaded .

A short test tune done in a vintage tracker called H8 Tracker 1.90 beta which was a Tracker released in 2001. This was to see if the tracker could ‘handle it’ which it appears to be so far…
The file has a few crackles will try getting a better render up…
To have a look at the tracker as it is playing THIS tune, image here-

This tracker was coded by a 19 year-old Polish Kid! It has some ingenious features you don’t see in other trackers. Has some flaws too as never got out of beta stage…All composing done on QWERTY keyboard using tactical composing as there is NO CHEATING with H8 Tracker as it won’t hook MIDI controllers…

It is named ‘Girl Cheese Sandwich’ as to when I was a little boy I didn’t know what a ‘grill’ was so I always thought my Mother (and others) were saying ‘GIRL Cheese Sandwich’. Well, I liked them too but never told my friends I was eating them back then…

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