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So I bought this TD3 when it came out, because I loved that gritty acid sound, and I fiddled about with it for a while, but then it just sat there in its box in the corner of the room, giving me the side-eye whenever I came in, and shouting at me that I should make a track with it.
So this is that track.
I made two sequences on the TD3, one an octave higher than the other, and panned one to the left and one to the right, but not in an ordinary way. I split each sequence up in seperate tracks in my DAW according to tone height, and then panned it accordingly, so that the higher the tone, the more the percentage it was panned.
And because each tone had its own track in my DAW now, I could record it with its own, seperate, stages of modulation.
Of course, when I finished all that recording and played it back it was way too busy, so some things were left out.
The result is a bit of an unusual type of acid, but I’m pleased with it overall.
The synth that does that little crescendo ascending bit in the bridge sections is actually a Crave, which was also waiting its turn to have a track made with, which kind of brought me to the theme of the track itself.

Hope you enjoy it!

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DJ_Jodokus said

So that TD3 and that Crave can finally be satified that they have been put to good use!

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