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Now with more awesomeness! Thank you to This Wretched Vessel Lead vocalist for adding in some Gang vocals to beef up the chorus. Also borrowing their percussionist for some tambourine to give the song some extra pop!

You know I can’t think of words to say
No matter what I feel inside today
I’m worried that I will never be eloquent enough
Wisper your savage goodbyes

Feels like emptiness
feels like the wait is over
There’s nothing left to say at all
you already know
This is the emptiness
This is for you and I
This is for all those that never learned to fly

Of all the beautiful words I want
I dismayed that I can’t write more
I know it’s on the verge of breaking out
I still wonder, We still wonder

I’m by myself, this is the last
We know to well goodbyes
They want what we want
For everything I am I know I would
Could I say I would do anything
Well, maybe not

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Letter Seventeen said

Whoa. The revision with the new backing vocals is really great!

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Gary Fox said

Oh, so good. The song just came pouring out of my speakers and filled up the room.

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wilsun said

Great acoustic sound and atmosphere, awesome vocals!

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Letter Seventeen said

This is like a lost Railway Children song from a session where they were letting one of the other guys sing for once. Nice work, and it features your usual upbeat lyrical content! :)

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