Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload my podcast or radio show?

No. Alonetone is made for people make music. If you upload other audio content, it might be removed without warning.

Can I upload songs for my blog?

No. Alonetone is for individual artists uploading their own music. If you upload various artists or copyrighted content, it will be removed and your account deleted.

Can I sell my music here?


alonetone is for people who want to give our music away, share it freely. There are many places where you can try and sell your tunes (see: Bandcamp).

What formats can I upload?

MP3 only. We serve the exact file you upload. We don’t do any transcoding, so quality is in your hands!

What bitrate do you recommend?

We recommend 192kbps at minimum and 320kbps at maximum.

Anything lower (like 128kbps) sounds pretty terrible, even if it might be standard on the other platforms. 320kbps is pretty demanding bandwidth-wise for phones, etc, so keeping it under that should ensure a better experience for people listening to your tunes.

Can I support alonetone?

We’d love that! Head on over to the patreon.

Where can I find the community guidelines?

Right here in our forums