Frequently Asked Questions

What formats can I upload?

MP3 only. We serve the exact file you upload. We don't do any transcoding, so quality is in your hands!

What bitrate do you recommend?

We recommend 192kbps at minimum and 320kbps at maximum.

Anything lower (like 128kbps) sounds pretty terrible, even if it might be standard on the other platforms. 320kbps is pretty demanding bandwidth-wise for phones, etc, so keeping it under that should ensure a better experience for people listening to your tunes.

What's the difference between a playlist and an album?

On alonetone, a group of tracks is called a "playlist." So whether you want to make an album or an informal collection of tracks, the playlist is your friend.

Can I upload copyrighted content if it's fair use?

No, it will be deleted.

We love that many countries have fair use laws and would like to see stronger copyright reform. Unfortunately, these fair use laws are often ignored, misunderstood and abused by corporate copyright holders.

As the entity doing the hosting, we are legally liable for what we host. In addition to spending our energies building and paying for this site, it's not possible for us to spend time defending copyright law against corporate bullies. That's why we have a strict policy of "no copyrighted material".

Can I turn off downloads?

No, everything you upload is public and unconditionally available.

Can I support alonetone?

We'd love that! Head on over to the patreon.

Where can I find the community guidelines?

Right here in our forums