Why Can’t I Just Sign Up?

Unfortunately public signups result in huge quantities of spam, trolls, and misuse. Even the largest networks like Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter are buried in millions of these types of accounts.

Since it’s just us chickens (not some big company) and we’ve experienced those issues first-hand, we thought people who really did want an account wouldn’t mind shooting us an email at in exchange for a safe music-only space.

How can I post my music to Facebook, Twitter, etc?

Nice and easy:

Go to the alonetone page that has the playlist or single track you want to share. Copy the link from your web browser and paste it into the place you want to share it. Your album art and name should show up nicely on whatever service you use.

I forgot my password!

Go ahead and grab a new one by clicking “Forgot My Password” on the login page.

I want to change my login / URL

Sure, you can do that by editing your profile. Click your profile picture top right and click on “Edit”

I want to change my email address…

No prob. Email us at from your old email account and tell us what your new email should be.

I forgot the email address I used to sign up!

Hit us up at with some guesses of which email it might be and your login name.