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I smoke cigarettes made of strawberries
I lost my mountain, got my age
Strange diseases could have hurt you but I say
Everybody likes to gloom to blue sad songs

and trust industries that glass is not ghost
as they promised us before was sold

Friend, lady, sir, mother
do you remember? do you remember?
riding the bus waiting to realize
that something would be as big as understood

Tonight king dinosaurs burn in hell
as baby dolphins laugh at the moon
and birds get crazy feeling earthquakes down
their little spines and fly to Lisbon

Your baby maybe got to my house again
looking for something that both we can’t deny
But nothing really that makes me proud

The pages are dirty
Stop complaining
you don’t remember what
does it mean

Colonised minds think glass is gold
Keep breathing air burnt out with coal

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forest fagan said


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Jean-Luc Thomas said

This song goes the wrong way for me. the intro was perfection. i wish it kept on with it.

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