7 tracks by Jean-Luc Thomas

I'll never be happy enough with it, lol so i posted a crazy improv, and i hope it sounds good enough to listen to at least once. This is like the billionth time recording this song, and ive played it constantly on voice to people in secondlife…read more
It's horrriiibbbllleeee I seriously can't play guitar, not to be pridefully modest, i think it sounded beautiful... but i cant play much more than what i know, and i dont think that qualifies playing the guitar really. But i was just messing…read more
Hey guys, Chill out... :o Jesus Loves you.
A Highly disappointing arrangement i just threw out there cause i tried it multiple times and gave up. this was the best The Tempo sucks in the beginning and some notes are really sour. ( and there's some really beautiful parts i messed up that…
Merry Christmas! I really hope this brings some peace, to a troubled soul... Jesus Loves you so very much, Rest in Jesus.
So if you have eight minutes to chill out and listen to something that probably will rub you the wrong way. Here ya go. This is the musical result of a good nap while listening to frantic Jazz music. From a musician that knows nothing about…read more
A cover and rearrangement of the song Lost! by Coldplay. Thank Jesus for my skills, had it not been for him i would surely be dead. I give thanks to God and credit this to him for giveing me the skills he has. It should never be different for…read more