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Coldplay-Lost!(Cover-by Jean-Luc Thomas)

Jean-Luc Thomas

Uploaded .

A cover and rearrangement of the song Lost! by Coldplay.

Thank Jesus for my skills, had it not been for him i would surely be dead.

I give thanks to God and credit this to him for giveing me the skills he has.

It should never be different for any song that i do. It’s dedicated to my friends, Jesus, Shenaa, Mia, Jeremy, Bridgett, And a person whom seems sadly “lost” and one i don’t get to talk to much with often. Jasmine.

And for those of my friends who are sad, or lonely, or depressed at any time here, before and after.

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facemask93 said

I just love those keys , and a great vocal very nice cover

Jean-Luc Thomas's avatar
Jean-Luc Thomas said

I need to upload a better one sometime. But thank you so much

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boy named bri said

Nice cover mate. :)

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another cultural landslide said

Just an amazing track! w;-)

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forest fagan said

Nice Version!

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Jason Earls said

very nice, well done!

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launched said


Guest said response to what you put in ur profile... Currently im on hold with any recording of any kind, My new handmedown laptop is on the fritz, and i need an external soundcard to plug a mic into. Get the 8 channel multimix made by Alesis. I can't reccomend it enuf. They also make 4 channel too..I believe. I too like to write stories and do animation to go with it. The animation part is on hold, as I have an old old old version of 3d studio max...and the updates from windows stopped it from working. GRRRR. grin. It would be great to see some of your drawings.

Guest said

WELL DONE! I love cold play.

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richardlaceves said

well done,, i don't know the song,, so i don't know about the tempo issue,, but i enjoy this as is,, i do however like the hollowness/open airness of the piano and vocals,, i think they add,, though i do not know the coldplay version ,, once again well done!!!

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Jean-Luc Thomas said

Hmm, interesting, though, i think the tempo is a little off, the singing is quite nice, i like it. It's also a little quiet, i assume your mic isn't so great so you had to use a higher decibel after recording in a lower pickup.

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