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Why (remix)

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interpolates lyrics from and samples music of “Why” (Remix) by Jadakiss featuring Styles P, Common and Nas (produced by Havoc)

[Verse 1]
Why is garbage music selling a lot?
Why is the music industry state of mind real far from hip-hop?
Why vote Republican if you’re black?
Why build more jails, less schools ‘cause we’re under attack?
Why keep the four-pound in the air?
The revolution will not be televised, get from ‘round here
Why I keep my right fist in the sky?
I let them know that we gonna make it, don’t plan our demise
Why you gotta teach your kids on your own?
‘cause when you get in the zone, they bringing you in, you both getting cloned
Why we still gotta pray to Allah?
It’s hip-hop, this the new world order and they playing us hard
Why rappers getting protection?
Why the country ain’t flipped when they jerked the votes the last election?
Why die for all my beliefs?
I gotta look at my kids, I’d rather smile than cry when they sleep

[Verse 2]
Why do they say that I changed for a girl?
Why you worried ‘bout my clothes if my flow is gonna change the world?
Why you wait ‘til you 30, then try to get hard?
Why I gotta have religion if I believe in God?
Why is Bush acting like he tryna get Osama?
Why don’t we impeach him and elect Obama?
Why ain’t Rick James remembered for classic hits?
Why do we remember Rick for smacking a bitch?
Why did Ricky Williams retire, they mad in Miami
Why did Justin sell Janet out and go to the Grammy’s?
Why you kill on every song, why you frown at the screen?
There’s so many thrones, why we argue who is the king?
Why it’s over for the gangsta, why it’s over for bling?
Why they hype Britney up, they know she can’t sing?
Why a whip and a chain the Black American dream?
Why I know it in my heart it remains unseen?

[Verse 3]
Registered voter not blood of a panther
Why is the question, “what is the answer?”
Got a suggestion, here’s an example
Why don’t we build our own airlines, states and highways?
Fly to Africa, do some trades with Zimbabwe
Why did Malcolm’s mission die with the man?
Why we ain’t pick it up where he left it out and carry out his plan?
Why the merger try to exclude L.A. Reid?
He brought you Usher, OutKast, top-selling CDs
Why do half America got AIDS?
Why do schools care about your son’s braids more than they care about his grades?
Why they hate our white t-shirts and hats turned backwards?
Why is Jesus Christ never played by black actors?
And why there ain’t an emcee that can touch me nor budge me?
And why is Nas the best thing in rap since Chuck D?
And why this record ain’t sell five mill yet?
Jada’s as real as it gets, put my money where my mouth is
Let’s do something about this

[Verse 4]
By thugs I’m surrounded
Tell me why is it the money motivates me but the love keeps me grounded
Why my cases ain’t get thrown out?
Why does team USA keep getting blown out?
Why the Democratic party ain’t gettin’ with me?
Why they still hanging black bodies in Mississippi?
Yeah, why did governor McGreevey get caught with a lizard?
Why they take away Shyne’s phone calls and visits?
Why I been hot for seven years?
Why the new M5 come with seven gears?
Please tell me why y’all keep making that trash?
Why they reinstating the draft?
Why is it so much hate that you have?
And why they sell records and keep on working?
Why we go on stage with bread and the feet keep working?
It’s real, why when a loved one die you miss them?
Why it took me why to listen