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Earn It

Alex The Emcee

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(Look at this hot shit this novice has gotten
This motherfucker is really spoiled rotten
I wanna stop him, but he’s not stopping
A lot of ‘em are like this, it’s a problem)

[Verse 1]
I’m serving this to no specific person
I saw your thing worsen
First thing–for my lack of, I had to attack ya
It’s natural I have to set an example
The men with less can get the strongest
Ya’ll that hoard all are nothing at all
He who persists but doesn’t lift from shit will enlist as the best
There’s no harvest without collecting
There’s no collecting without sweating
There’s no sweating without getting to it, doing it, moving it and not bitching
If you’re nice but unrecognized, when you rise, just wreck them guys
Restless lives testify, the rest of ya’ll, get to work for what you get right now

(He got a lot of it, more than his allotment
He didn’t work hard for it, what’s wrong with him?
Some guys worked a lot harder than him
And they hardly even got a part of his shit)

[Verse 2]
I’ve seen guys get girls, girls get guys
Drop of a dime, both get cars, jobs
Did they try? Fall in your lap? Fuck all that
I grew up with food with my dad in a house, not like all this rap
Ghettos, projects, hoods, the street
Kiss my ass, that is not me
Some are as happy as can fucking be
I wish you were as mad and as fucked as me
I’d get jail, you say ‘fuck,’ you’re free
Very quick you got As in college
I felt weak like AIDS throughout me
Very fast you got friends, I was teased
I searched for mine, now who’s the pussy?
You thought it was mapped out, planned out
Now you tell me who’s the man now

(He doesn’t wait, never slaved for a thing
He doesn’t understand that he just ain’t shit
He’s soft, why’s he gettin’ that?
Maybe he’d change if I kicked his ass)

[Verse 3]
You thought rough road was easy street
You just bust loads and beat your meat
I love struggle, I reach the feats
I won sucka, just eat defeat
I know all my shit, I’m confident
I got it, it’s no problem
That’s the consequence of hardworking
And to not give in when it’s hard to win
Well you did not wait, you act fast
It ain’t great with no brakes, you have crashed
I didn’t make you race through that bad
Stand on your own two feet, be a man, man
Man up your whole routine, you need a plan
If plan A fails, follow your B plan
Then you’ll see cash but here’s the catch
You need to keep at it, your grind needs to last

(I don’t give a shit about him
We’ll see how it plays out in the long run
Between us, this race, which one won?
If he don’t fall down he’s still the wrong one)


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