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Heart Full of Holes

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Album: How the Aviator Sees the Rainbow
Year: RPM Challenge 2008

Pour vous Tess.

Is there a ghost in these hills?
Something to run from
I’ve given way to cheap thrills
Problems have just begun
I walk alone, sink like a stone in the water
Time running out, feeling left out of the order
I’m on my way out
I’m on my way
Is there a hole in your heart?
The size of an apple
Did somebody tear it apart?
And leave it there trampled

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Sister Savage said

Heart Full of LOVE.

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Sister Savage said

Catching up with my old faves - this one sounds as fresh as ever. Looking forward to diving in to your recent stuff.

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tim mcfate said

gypsies in the night around a fire. you show upload your words and put them under the "about" tab. i am not always sure what you are saying. i like to know what people are saying. call me paranoid!!!! funny little organ in the background wonderful job tim

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angie fights crime said

still one of my favorite songs, like, ever.

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dwalsh said

Great tune! I thhink I hear some Jeff Buckley influence on the guitar there.

Guest said

Love it! Absolutely brilliant song! This haunted me for most of last year - but I'm VERY happy to hear it again...even if I can already feel the hook penetrating my poor defenseless soul.

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