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Time Maiden And The Last Inaction

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Once upon a clock so high
time shatters by her hand
A sole survivor of man’s crime
Last remnant of the land

Now I suppose a plot goes here
For a maiden with time and free
But with no action left to make
All that’s left’s to be.

It’s Not Her Place To Deny
The Charges Where They Stand
The Wholly Ticking Hand Of Time
Broken At Her Command

She’s Unaware Of Judgement Passed
Yet There’s No Time To Flee
But With No Action Left To Make
She Can Only Wait And See.

She dreamed she’d leave it up to fate
She dreamed her dreams would thrive and mate
But all the dreams they fade away

The dreams they breathe they’re not undead
Yet barely embers in her head
So it’s said she’s alive but not quite living