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everybody's got a brain

track 3 of last days last days…

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doktordoktor said

Great fun!

Guest said

Ok, I have to agree. How are you two? Long time, it has been. Lyndell aka FFOJ.

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Gene Eric Mann said

Ha ha! Great lyrics! Rock on!

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oldbohemia said

HAHA! Amazing song with true story lyrics :D

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Movement To Contact said

Well this is nuts… i love this song and thought i faved it long ago…oh well free chance to Fav it again!!!!

Guest said

cute, spike jones, tom waits and reflective all at once

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Alex said

Hilarious! Outrageous! And very witty! Sweet!

Guest said

LOL love it!

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JamesRaimondi said

Ducks are a bunch of quacks!