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“We all live in a little Village…your Village may be different from other people’s Villages, but we are all prisoners.” - Patrick McGoohan

Modern electronic guitar rock.

One day you awaken in a different place
Where the names may have changed but you’re sure you know the face
The company accepted the letter you had signed
But they own your precious skills and the knowledge in your mind

You’d resigned yourself believing it will always be the same
You had your fill of wet work and the playing of the game
The secret rules in hidden layers of authority
No accountability or responsibility

There’s no way out of this
You know they’re coming for you

The weather is pleasant like they want you to be
All the buildings are empty like the sky and the sea
Nothing is provided and nothing is free
There are wheels slowly turning driving things you cannot see

There must be some way out of this
You know they’re going to get you

You feel the lies behind the truth and you see right through the lies
You hear Big Ben chiming underneath Miami’s skies
From Langley to Moscow you begin to realize
No one’s a civilian, everyone’s a spy

In the rubble of the buildings and the wreckage of the planes
A search for clues and evidence, a meaning to explain
Machines will analyze and computers will decode
But there aren’t any answers, that’s just the way it goes

There is one way out of this
You know they’ll try to get you

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Anthony Sweet's avatar
Anthony Sweet said

wow...this is fantastic stuff.

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AMUC said

I like all the different elements you're mixing together here. The way you incorporate the vocals into the mix is perfect.

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Room 34 said

Nice! Dave Gilmour would be proud...