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Bleach + Bald Snow Tires

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In 2001 my most recent band, Hoss Williams, recorded a four-song demo, and each of the four bandmembers contributed one song to it. This was mine. It’s loosely about growing up in the country and being a teenager ripping around in clapped-out V8-powered cars with loud exhaust systems and little police supervision. I’m playing electric guitar and singing. Brian Roth played acoustic guitar and sang backing vocals. Dave Stallman played bass and sang backing vocals, and Frank Reynolds played drums. We recorded and mixed this ourselves. We never really finished mixing that demo before the band drifted apart, but this song was the most finished of the four. It didn’t seem like that big a deal at the time, but looking back, I sure wish we’d have finished all the songs and pressed some copies, even if only to better document some fun band times.

Guest said

Was just checking some reviews on peavey amps and ended up listening to this great song...could listen to songs like this all weekend long. Great job -

Guest said

Very respectable recording! Props to you, man!

Guest said

Great stuff! You’d all fit right in here in west Texas!

Guest said

i keep on telling people those little peaveys are really cool little amps...good stuff

Guest said

What a voice. I get ALL of the lyrics! Relaxed with an tiny bit of an edgy rhythm. Keep 'em comin'

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