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Lyrics and music by Brian Vaughn.

Love, love, love…

Look up and down.
There are shapes in the clouds,
And ants on the ground who march in line,
To the roots of a tree,
Whose bark carries the name,
Of a girl whose boy thought her worth the mark.

Oh what it must feel like to have your surface scarred,
And for something so inconsequential as love.

Look in and out,
And don’t forget your frown.
Put your hands on the places you don’t like.
You can wish you were me,
But I’m in the same place,
There is no one here who doesn’t have their scars.

You might not want me to say,
But let’s call it what it is: love

I’ve got a lot of love, got a lot of love for you.

Oh what it would feel like to live your life alone?
I don’t want to know.
And I swear there’s something about you.
There’s an energy we draw on in close proximity.
I don’t want to go.
I swear I’m feeling it right now.


Guest said

Really fine performance and composition. the mix is excellent. I enjoyed that

Guest said

Most excellent song. Wonderful music and vocals.

Guest said

Great tune.

dylan182's avatar
dylan182 said

This is great. The guitars just talk back and forth and your knowledge of vocal harmonics really makes the song unique and powerful.

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Keith Landry said

Damn, man... Always blown away by your professional sound. Music like this is the reason why I haven't bought a commercial album in years. There ain't anything on the radio I'd rather listen to.

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