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Star-Shot Sky

Cave Street

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A new mix of something we recorded over the summer including drums and chimes by Treefrog.

Out of your shell, into the night
Through fields of clover burning brightly

Fire in the distance, fire in my mind
Pinwheel kaleidoscope star-shot sky

Echoes of laughter, cries of delight
Sounds of a summer on a star shot night

Below the clouds bathed in moonlight
Lay fields of vision burning brightly

And I know the way
May be fraught with grave peril
And I know your name
It means you’re a great hero
And sometimes heroes will fail
And sometimes the hero prevails

(c) 2013 Cave Street Music

John Cathal O'Brien's avatar
John Cathal O'Brien said

NIce track!

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

excellent!, not sure why but has a doors feel, again excellent indeed!

Reefwalker's avatar
Reefwalker said

Really has an endless summer vibe. Definitely...warm beach, crashing waves

Nick P's avatar
Nick P said

Very nice, indeed!

hitak33's avatar
hitak33 said

Thank you for the kind words. i have put down the lyrics(ben je echt wel echt?) for you. Ik geniet ook zeer zeker van uw muziek!!

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