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An Open Heart

Colleen Dillon

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I wrote the lyrics to this song a couple of weeks ago while thinking of personal reflections. I figured out the melody just in time to head down to Greg Connor’s MN coffee table and get he and Mark Lofgren’s great voices and guitars on it with me. Just a simple ode to little personal improvements…

An Open Heart
It’s late tonight and I’m thinking
On what I did today
Did I make a tiny difference?
Did my smile make someone’s day?

Was I grateful for my blessings?
And honest with what must change
I pray I’ll still make progress
Because this life’s not prearranged

But looking back upon my life
I’ve little I’d like to change
Although some times have been really hard
I know I wouldn’t exchange
Not a person, a problem, a lesson learned
Or when the path wasn’t crystal clear

Still alive with an open heart
Thank god I made it here
Still alive with my open heart
Thank god I made it here

Now I wake to start it over
And remember the day before
I’ll try to do one better
Than each day I’ve lived before

© 2019 Colleen Dillon All Rights Reserved

Bethan Mathis's avatar
Bethan Mathis said

Hi Colleen, such a pretty song.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Beautiful Song Colleen! and lots of fun .

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Nick P said

Really like the chorus. Well done!

slkrell's avatar
slkrell said

Wow Collene, That's a true life lesson I love this. Well done. I love this!

Guest said

Pretty song, wonderful atmosphere. Sounds lovely even though on my phone. Hi Colleen, lovely to hear you again. Bethan x

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Ron said

Great lyrics guys are doing some amazing work around that coffee table!! the 3 of you should take this show on the road.....

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