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Message In The Snowflakes - first studio mix

Colleen Dillon

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I wrote this song while watching a beautiful snowfall a couple of winters ago - right after the 2016 election. I was feeling a lot of emotions at the time, and writing this one helped out.

I decided to record it in the studio, and we’re almost done. Its timing is a bit out of sync with the holidays, but it’ll be ready for next season, as God willing, this winter is starting to wind down.

I tried to keep it a spare arrangement…let me know what you think so far!

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Jason H. Austin said

wow you are awesome

Guest said

Really captures the time and place. Your voice is so sweet. So delicate, like the snow flakes.

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The Proods said

More amazing vocals! Very pretty song!

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Ron said

I like the arrangement ..your voice is getting better and better all the time ..great job Colleen

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Greg Connor said

Beautiful song Colleen!

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