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Sweet Nothings

Colleen Dillon

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I am happy to post this first rough version of a song I wrote yesterday after a really long creative drought. It cracked me up because I’d woken up with this idea on my mind first thing after watching a stupid TV show the night before where a guy told 3 different women he was in love with them. So the idea of someone telling you “sweet nothings in your ears” brought a different meaning to my mind. The recording is rough, but I hope you enjoy this early version!

Sweet Nothings

You used to say I love you
Each morning when we’d get up
I’d smile at you and we’d have a laugh
Before the day got tough

But since you started staying out
Shooting whiskey with your beer
I wonder if you’re playing games
And your love has left me here

Our love was pretty special
Little things could make you smile
We’d whisper sweet dreams in the night
Our future went on for miles

But since you stopped coming home
Working late most every night
I wonder if your words are true
And should I put up a fight

Stop whispering your sweet nothing’s in my ear
If you’re lying to me
My heart don’t want to hear
Each time you say I love you
It just makes my heart feel blue
Don’t whisper your sweet nothings in my ear
(only sung on last chorus)
Each time you say I love you
You’re telling me our love is through
Don’t whisper your sweet nothings in my ear

If I could trust that you were true
I’d hold out my open arms
But I just found the proof
You’ve fallen to another’s charms

Her man just called and told me
All the things he said he knew
I guess its time for me to choose
If you and I are through

REPEAT CHORUS including final phrase
© 2018 Colleen Dillon All Rights Reserved

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Greg Connor said


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The Zhinkies said

Great melody, lyrics.

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thetworegs said

Beautifully written and performed

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Ron said

I don't think it's rough!! I like to hear your voice with just one instrument,,,amazing lyrics great job Colleen!!

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The Proods said

It's bittersweet to hear your amazing voice. I use to love the amateur nature of it, but you sound so professional. Amazing!

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Greg Connor said

Second Time through ................. Outstanding Song! You have captured it completely.

Guest said

Wow! This is an incredible song! I absolutely Love it! Let's make a Coffee Table version when Mark gets back into town. FIVE STARS *****

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