Colleen Dillon

Colleen Dillon

from Minneapolis, US

About "Who Might Arrive"

Well this one marked the beginning of better songs as the last few I wrote really didn’t please me or anyone so they went to the heap before ever making it here!!!

I was sitting enjoying a refreshing springtime breeze and felt that pull of new things to come, and thought I’d try to capture the feeling through this song.

Recorded around Greg’s coffee table with support from Greg Connor and Mark Lofgren on guitars.


Verse 1:

So long have I been healing
From the heart ache that came before
I’d pulled the drapes and locked the door
Turned out the lights and said never more
But that breeze coming through the window
Feels like change blowing in the wind
Springtime stirring warm breezes
Telling me it’s time to love again

It seems like I might be ready
Feeling that pull inside
The tug that says you might be out there
Turn the page, quit trying to hide
Yeah, it seems like I might be open
Time to light that vacancy sign
Open the doors, let love inside
Who knows who might arrive
Yeah, who knows who might arrive

Picture a soul that fits like a glove
Who gets you and you get them
They don’t mind all the silly things you do
It’s nice and easy, doesn’t wear you thin

Verse 2:
I’ve been down this path a few times
Sometimes it ended well
Those other times they shaped me
I tried my best and we gave it hell
But this time I might be ready
I finally know myself
I know it takes some real work
But it might be fun to take myself off the shelf

Repeat Chorus

© 2017 Colleen Dillon - All Rights Reserved

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