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You Gotta Fly or Fade Away (MN Coffee Table Gang)

Colleen Dillon

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The MN coffee table is back!!!! We have a new member too - Joel Schaubert, who joined Mark Lofgren and Greg Connor - veterans of the coffee table. Once again we wrote this song and recorded it in my backyard coffee table (hence some of the wind, cracks, dogs barking, etc.) on the last warm day of summer. ENJOY! We had a blast!

You Gotta Fly Or Fade Away
Chorus (G C D)
Every bird has to build its own nest
A place for family, a place to rest
This old world can pass you by
You gotta fly or fade away
Yeah, you gotta fly or fade away

Verse 1 (D C)
No instructions just do your best
Make your choices
Feather your nest
Build the life that you want to live
One stick at a time


Bridge (Refrain) (Am C D)
Live your life like poetry
One line at a time
Set your sights on lofty things
Spread your wings and fly


Verse 2 (D C)
Some birds build by the sea
Others are in a tree
Pelicans don’t live in igloos
What about you and me


© October 2023 Greg Connor, Colleen Dillon, Mark Lofgren, Joel Schaubert
All Rights Reserved

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Good to hear the gang...after so long.

oldfolks2's avatar
oldfolks2 said

Great to hear you guys again, that's a nifty little song .... hopefully will give me a kick up the backside to record some songs myself .....

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

That was a lot of fun! I’m tickled with the outcome. I think the song and everyone’s contribution resulted in a great collaboration.

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Yes, coffee table is back....nice to hear you guys together...great live playin and singin!!!

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