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Sweet Tooth Geezer

Greg Connor

Written for a Minnesota Homebrew Halloween Song Challenge

Sweet Tooth Geezer

Wandering thru the backyards on a cold and hallowed night
When I saw the little children all dressed up with eyes so bright
They were asking folks for candy and most would give them some
It came to me so quickly sweet candy I had none

I thought for just a moment until I had a plan
I went home I came back again all dressed up the best I can
I was wearing an old tee shirt with a message you could read
It said I’m old and more than grumpy and it’s candy that I need

The kids were trick or treatin and I was out there too
I could see it in there faces, there was nothing they to do
The kids were looking at me and I heard behind the door
Holy cow you wont believe my God he’s back for more

I knocked on doors a plenty until I had my fill
And those that had my favorite treats knocked and knocked at will
If they seemed to hold it back I’d hit that door again
I’d say trick or treat or you will meet the wrath of this old man

The moral of this story, the thing you should believe
You better give me candy or I’m never gonna leave

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Bethan Mathis said

Love the story Greg, very funny.

oldfolks2's avatar
oldfolks2 said

Very, very good, Greg,

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slkrell said

he he ! I do believe this is a true story.
Greg has plenty of experience skulking tru the neighborhood

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Nice feel to this one love the lyrics…your vocals remind me of Dylan great!!

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