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Trading Smiles

Greg Connor

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Trading Smiles

Trading smiles on a cloudy day
Wish good fortune come your way
A passing glance, I’m on my way
Trading smiles

Courtesy seems all but gone
No idea what went wrong
For most of us, it’s been too long
Trading smiles

Trading smiles, such an easy thing
To warm you up inside
Inexpensive gesturing
You don’t know, until you try

Simple gestures filled with grace
Take you to a better place
Leave behind that empty space
Trading smiles

Guest said

Lovely song, very soulful.

Elusive Gene's avatar
Elusive Gene said

Wonderful breezy arrangement! Strong song-writing. Love your style.

Guest said

beautiful and sweet Greg

Ron's avatar
Ron said

You are on a roll Greg...this one is a hit!!!

Guest said

Great Message, Fine and true long note on the Irish Whistle, Classic Greg Connor Original, I am Your Fan...Steve

Guest said

Very nice indeed Greg.

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