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I couldn't help myself, it's one of my favorite Beatles songs. Drums by Drum Bum Guitars by Gnasty Vocals by Me and Gnasty Bass by Me
Great guitar melodies at the end. The rhythm guitar is a little too loud in the mix, but it's a pretty fun song.

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for REALZ, this is way far from being done. this is an oldie from a previous duo I was in, VC Andrews, ( and i wanted to give it new life. Listen to the old version at the myspace page to hear how it's going to…
NOT FINISHED. another draft. just putting it up here so that i kick myself in the pants to flesh it out and write verses and whatnot and redo everything. great!

Had some music posted but was getting few to no listens (literally zero on my best song) so decided to pull my music down. Thanks anyway. A lot of work to keep up with music sites so I am concentrating on those that work for me.

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