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Distant Resonance


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Instrumental Track from Goada Bull, a Philadelphia area based project in which was created and maintained by Bill Ramsey.
Some collaborations with musicians included Eric Shurley of Ketosis/Mesmeria/The Solutionists, Tom Amey of The Unknown/The Sixth Year, etc and George O’Brien, solo artist.

“Distant Resonance” was only written and recorded/produced Bill Ramsey. Still looking for vocals and shit to be contributed by some musicians.

Contact if you’re interested in Contributing to this and any other songs for the collaborative project, Goada Bull.

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Rats man!! 12 Rats jumping on the bed, one fell off and chimps at his ears. I hope to play live again a day sooner than later!!

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

you have come a long way mr ramsey! i live in santa fe now, any chance of seeing you play live?

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