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Terra Firma, Part 1: Solid Ground

Distinct Kicking Motion

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September 2023 A-side

We sailed up to the shore some island we don’t know
We dropped our anchor then we left the boat
I know we’re risking all but this is worth the chance
Just think of all the wealth we’ll take back home
We’ll be fine just trust me

Standing on solid ground
Nothing can bring us down

The sun has disappeared behind a sheet of clouds
The winds begin to howl and swirl around
This was a big mistake I told the captain twice
We shouldn’t trust a spot that we just found
We’ll be fine just trust me
We’ll be fine soon you’ll see

Terra Firma stay with me
Oh please don’t just let me be
I need your help

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wilsun said

This friggin' rocks! Love the thick, sludgy, dirty sound. Great mix too. Epic song (both parts)!

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