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Lifeline (heavy first bounce)

Double Meanings

Uploaded .

Sudara says: Just found this on my iPod.

Basically it was the first full mix of the tune, before it passed back to glu and then back to Sudara for the “original” version.

This is heavier, more energy, less fraility, and in Sudara’s opinion a better vocal mix.

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issleneandleo said

Love the feel of this! Great track.

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Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

This came up on Radio "songs you haven't heard" but I swear I've heard this. great tune.

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glu said

wait, do i already have them all?!?

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glu said

i want the piano tracks for this~

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another cultural landslide said

I keep trying to find time to do a remix of this (I still have the original files) - but in the meantime, you guys keep putting out these outrageously great remixes and raising the bar each time. Excellent. ;)

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Gilbert Neilson said


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brando said

absolutely yes.

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glu said

oh yeah! I remember this one! Vox is great here!

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